Speakout 8/6

Monday, August 6, 2007

These houses that are going up $100,000 to $250,000, they're nothing but a gimmick. The banks are pushing these high prices so you can take the ARM loan. The ARM loan gets you in with little or nothing down, payments start out small, but when the interest goes up, your payment goes up. Your payments are outrageous. People can't afford these high prices. If you lower the prices, we might be able to buy it with a fixed income so we can afford to keep it. We've got this high gas, high food prices and then interest is going up. We'd be better not buying at all, because I don't want to take my arm off. It's like taking an arm and a leg off.

I'm calling about the person who called in about Harry Potter. I read Harry Potter and go to church. If you just read the book, it's a story about good and evil. It's not like I'm going to go out and perform witchcraft with a wand. It's just a book. People don't let it go to heart. It's just a book for kids to read. If someone don't understand that, they just need to get out of it. It's just a book.

I am looking for any and all photographs and newspaper articles regarding the old railway tracks and Frisco/Santa Fe Depot House that was sitting in the 1900's through the date the railway companies removed the railway tracks and tore down the old depot. Please e-mail or send information found to NGE1234@aol.com or mail to 1888 State Highway HH, Sikeston, Mo. 63801. This would be of great help in our search for past information.

In response to Know when to quit in Friday, July 27th issue of SpeakOut. I'm almost speechless at your attitude toward older retired Americans. Obviously you have never taken advantage of the compassion, caring and love that most older people display everyday of their lives. We have wisdom on life issues that we love to share with the younger people who are misguided and think you know it all. I can only hope you will wise up and realize that we aren't trying to take your jobs, we're just not quitters. We still have lots to contribute to this great world we live in. I challenge you to spend a little time talking to the Wal-Mart greeter, the Pink Ladies at the hospitals, the double-

dipping (your word, not mine) teachers or any of us who have decided we are not finished. And by the way, it isn't always just about money, usually it's the desire to do better and to make the world a better place to live. I hope you have grandparents who read your article and have since decided to blow your inheritance having fun. Because you obviously see no value to people who "go the extra miles" to make your lives better. Thank you all you volunteers and double-dipping people. Some of us appreciate and love you. Most of all, for projecting such a positive work ethic to all those who feel cheated by us.