Speakout 6/29

Friday, June 29, 2007

Call 471-6636

I know this lady who has some health and mental problems. She's always complaining that someone is trying to steal her cordless phone or set her house on fire. Officers have come by there, but nothing was actually done. I think she needs help and something needs to be done. She's going to make someone mad someday and I'm afraid that someone will do something to here. I'm really concerned about it.

This is in reference to the incidents on the river Sunday. As a parent of one of the younger children out there, I am appalled at what went on. I was one of the ones waiting on the dock for my child to return. What I witnessed can only be described as totally ignorant. As I stood there waiting on my child, I saw a boat come racing across the river and slam right into the boat dock with other boats and adults and children standing right there. It is just a wonder they did not run over one or more of them. These two guys came running up the boat dock toward another two guys, and I assume their girlfriends and some small children who were getting ready to leave the boat dock area. One of the girls caught up with the other guy, slipped around and started trying to hit the other one. The police were there and witnessed the whole thing. Those two guys were taken by the police, and I do not know what happened after that. I can only hope that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As you know, there is not a lot of things to do around New Madrid, and the river has always been a place to relax and take your children for a good time. I hope that this totally stupid act of these boys does not ruin it for all of us who enjoy ourselves. Please officers of the law, judges and whoever else concerned in this matter, investigate this incident, talk to other adults that were on the river that day and take care of this matter so that it will not happen again.

Remember the gas prices when Bill Clinton was president. What were they? Think about that.

In response to the No food, no farmers bumper stickers, I feel that the caller might have missed the point. They seem to believe that those who produce organic food are not farmers. In my contact with these producers, they indicate they consider themselves just as much farmers as those who raise conventional crops. Whether the caller chooses to boycott conventional agricultural products or not, they will still need food of some type, which is what the bumper sticker indicates. I respect that consumers will choose different foods to purchase, and I hope the caller remembers his or her admission to try and get along when making comments about my family's chosen farming methods.