Speakout 6/3

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Call 471-6636

I want to go ahead and answer some of these SpeakOuts on the Notre Dame party. First of all, Greenbrier charges were filed. If you would read the front page of the paper you would know that the people did get charged so that does not have anything to do with that part of town. The only reason the other parts of town didn't get caught having their parties is nobody called in and tattled. Which house is Notre Dame's, Cheers or Schindler's? Sounds like neither one, sounds like it was Greenbrier. Schindler's and Cheers won't serve to them, they were underage. It happens every generation, every generation. There were a lot of those parties going on. If I would have called in on every one I saw, you would have had a whole jail cell full of parents. Thank God they kept them at home instead of being out on the roads. These kids are gonna drink if it's out on a ditch bank somewhere, just like the rest of us did. Even though you are a Christian, don't stand there and deny it because you probably did it one time or another. I'm a Christian and I did it. But anyway, have a good time kids. Just be safe. You know you're gonna get caught. Just don't take the chance.

I thought when they came out with the new gold dollars someone would mistake them for quarters, but I didn't think it would be me. But it most assuredly was me the other day and the driver on the Sikeston van pointed it out to me and handed them back to me. I thought I was being careful. I hate these dollars. I like the Susan B. Anthony, at least they had a different shape. Maybe someone else would like to express their opinion on the new dollars.

I'm reading Friday's SpeakOut. These people live in Greenbrier. They think they can get by with this, they live in this part of town. No! Wrong is wrong I don't care how you call it. That's all I've got to say.

Hey Mr. SpeakOut, on Sunday May 27 you read a SpeakOut about people not speaking English using a debit card and that it's a welfare card. They go on to say that the United States is making a killing off of senior citizens and to be a man and put this in SpeakOut. Personally, I'm tired of older people hollering, "You can't use that card for beer and cigarettes!" I think it's time you explained to our senior citizens what a debit card is. It's not a welfare card, it's not a food stamp card. My debit card takes the money right out of my checking account and I have never been on welfare. And I am tired of our senior citizens yelling, "You can't use that card to buy beer! You can't use that card to buy cigarettes!" Thank you Mr. SpeakOut.

Memorial Day. I've never heard such crap coming out of the joint chiefs of staff. Freedom is not free. Nobody knows that more than the American taxpayer who's footing the bill for the most expensive military in the world that is just a huge, huge boondoggle. All the way down, except to the young men and women who are dying and being maimed to the tens of thousands a year. And having their brains washed and their lives destroyed by this military madness that tears down their egos and then turns them into killing machines and then pops them full of pills to make sure they are obedient. It's time to bring it down now!

I live on Andrea Drive. On Tuesday evening, somebody was burning something that smelled terrible. I think it was plastic or something. Because of the smoke and the smell, I couldn't let my kids play outside. I don't know what was burning, but this went on for hours. The whole neighborhood stunk to high heaven. I was just wondering if it is against the law to burn certain things in the city limits. I could see the yard where the smoke was coming from, so if you are that person who did the burning and you are reading this, don't be surprised if I call the police the next time to check out what you are burning because something that awful has to be illegal.