Speakout 8/29

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Call 471-6636

Farmers aren't getting free money. It's these people that are laying up to lazy too work getting food stamps and Medicaid that are living off the government. No, the farmers have every right to get subsidies. Furthermore, I don't like to buy food that is imported from Spain or China, I would rather have it grown over here. And if these people want to complain about the farmers, why don't they go to work on a farm and see what it is like? Half of them don't even know how to drive a tractor or know what corn is growing out in a field. I think they better shape up and learn.

I was in Sikeston on the 14th of August when that big rainstorm came along and I just wanted to let the city of Sikeston know they needed to do something about their drainage problem with this rain water. My car was almost flooded out two or three times with being in a wave. They need to do something about it or start handing out James Bond cars that can float or oars that can help us paddle through it.

Thank you. A letter in your paper recently defended the scientology set without addressing some serious problems. The view that legitimate illnesses like depression and their legitimate treatment through pharmaceutical and counseling were wrong and that people should just ignore these problems is very dangerous and an insult to God. Recent lines from Tom Cruise insulting those who seek treatment from post-partum depression are part of a stigma about mental illness that cause massive amounts of suffering and death for no good reason. This group also promotes another dangerous and bigoted line that homosexuality can be cured, which mental health professionals have known for decades that it's not a disorder, and this so-called cure is actually false and destructive. Scientology needs to have these views which destroy life and families and cause great amounts of misery. The church needs to change their position or expect the criticism these hateful lies deserve.

If you lost a girl's bicycle about ten months ago, there's one that was turned in to DPS. Give them a call.

I came across an old newspaper clipping where a Frankie Tatum of Anniston was charged with first degree murder in Mississippi County of Helen Finley on Dec. 13, 1977. And he was supposed to be seeking parole on May 14, 1998. I was wondering, did he ever get paroled?

According to Brian Hauswirth, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Corrections, Tatum was convicted in Pemiscot County and began serving a life sentence Dec. 20, 1977. He has had two parole hearings, one in 1998 and one May 13, 2003. Parole was denied at both and he was given a five year set back. His next parole hearing is scheduled for May 2008. He has been serving in Western Mo. Correction Center at Cameron, Mo., since April 6, 2006.

Where's the weed eater?

I know that the Middle School has a lawn mower, I just wonder if they have a weed eater? The sidewalks are slowly disappearing. They need to find one so the residents of the neighborhood can use the sidewalks, and the kids.