Speakout 5/31

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I was just reading "It might just be you Missy" in the newspaper, and that is absolutely true. My son has to be on Medicaid and I never thought in a million years that he would have to be. He was able to work, but now he has multiple sclerosis and he is not able to. You just never know what might hit you down the road. That's all I wanted to say.

I was just wondering how long it takes to take someone's name out of the paper when they die? This preacher at Grant City, he's been dead for a month. I noticed in my paper today that his name is still in the church news where he is still the pastor. How come?

I'm calling concerning an issue about a man and woman that were on TV earlier this week that had their gas turned off because they could not pay their bill. I go to church and I'm a Christian and that's not the way you are taught. To turn people's electricity off, that is a necessity. I called the gas company and they informed me that in Missouri there was no way at all you could keep on receiving gas, even if you had a hardship. I think that is pretty low of Governor Blunt and I think that him and President Bush both need to be impeached or pushed out of office. We need someone in office that has some sense to run the United States and the state of Missouri.

I'm calling concerning two issues in the Morley area. One thing I noticed is that the city got a brand new truck, but hey, what about the roads and the streets that are full of ruts and potholes. They need to blacktopped and gravel put on them. And also, where is the dog catcher at? There are homeless mutts running all over town doing there jobs in other people's yards. I feel like if they have money for a new truck then they have money to repave the streets and get these dogs off the streets so they will quit do-

doing in every body's yards.

Use soap and water

I would like to know, is there a shortage of soap and water here in Sikeston? I work at the hospital and I can't begin to tell you how many times people come in to the hospital smelling like polecats. People, soap is not that expensive and neither is deodorant. It is horrible to have to smell somebody else's body odor. It is really, really offensive. So please people, get a hint. Buy some soap. Use it. It's not that expensive.

This goes out to the parents of East Prairie to the Class of 2009. I think it's pretty tacky the way that the letters were sent out. Me and other parents would like to know who put them in charge? Did they make themselves a committee?

I'd like to say something about these young teenage girls going out and getting their selves pregnant and expecting the taxpayers to pay for their children. You have a choice of saying yes or no when it comes to sex. We shouldn't have to pay for your baby. Go after the fathers. I don't care how young the teenagers are, they should have to pay to take care of that child, or children as it's getting to be. Or the family should have to pay. It shouldn't be all the other taxpayers that are having to pay.

I see where the Democrat Party donated $2 million to the gay rights. That's really nice ain't it?