Speakout 5/22

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I?drive to Bloomfield for work throughout the week. The past few months I?

have almost had two accidents with ATVs on AB highway near Avert. Each time the driver has had children with him. Then last week I almost had another accident with two different ATVs. Evidently people that live on AB highway are comfortable riding their ATV on this highway. I couldn't live with myself if I?had an accident with one. There is a lot of curves and hills on this road and is very dangerous. I contacted the Sheriff's Department about this but this is still going on. ATVs are not to be driven on the highway. They don't stand a chance in an accident. If you're going to ride on the highway at least put a helmet on you and your children.

I would please like some castor bean seeds. If you have some, please call 620-2809.

I always wondered why the people in Charleston had to walk in the streets for their exercise at night. Now I can see why. The trees are hanging over the sidewalks and the sidewalks are all broken up. It looks like the people would keep their trees trimmed off the sidewalks so people could walk.

News flash. Sheryl Crow talks about the toilet paper. What does she think she's going to do when she starts changing all those dirty diapers on the baby? What is she going to do about the environment then?

Stop the writings. There is a certain individual who has written several SpeakOut articles concerning the city of Miner. And recently mailed letters to the city of Miner under the self-pity plan hoping to turn others toward supporting this individual's group's wrong action in Miner in blaming their work on others. The request is to stop the nonsense and recognize there are many smart people in Miner, even though an approximate two percent voter turnout could indicate otherwise. Remember people, that can be controlled by votes in the future.

This is about the people out in Pineview that's got the cats that's spraying all over the place out here, and cat spray is the stinkiest stuff in the world. I'll not be like the guy up there in the corner with the sign about the dogs. Your cat gets around me and it sprays, you can bet you won't see your cat no more. I'm not going to take it, it smells terrible out here. Keep your cats up!