Speakout 5/21

Monday, May 21, 2007

I just heard on the news where gas went up a nickel since last week. These Republicans who voted for the president should have to pay for everybody else's gas bill, the natural gas and the car gas. The people that are driving 20 plus miles should be able to count that off on their taxes next year. It's not right for people to have to pay such ungodly prices. All they are is a bunch of greedy, greedy Republicans and the president is greedy too.

"What chance of survival does a culture have when its own elites actively seek its destruction?" -- William S. Lind (1947- ) American expert on military affairs, (Why can't I get the picture of Hillary Clinton and the entire Democrat political war-room and Democrat controlled media out of my head after reading that?)

This is concerning a letter. I'm a Miner resident. I'm sure the whole town got a letter today from an unknown source complaining about the mayor, and badmouthing others. But they had the audacity not to sign their name. Then they have it where they mailed it out of St. Louis to get it here. Why didn't they mail it from here? That just goes to show they have more money than brains to match that little yellow streak down their back. It's a waste of time and money. You need to get a hobby. The people on the board right now is going to give people a fair shake. As far as the accusations, don't spread something you don't know to be fact. Don't send me another letter unless you put your name to it. Coming through the mail like this is a federal offense. Miner, ignore ignorance.

Let's tell the truth. Baccalaureate is an opportunity for local preachers to have a captive audience. It is extremely boring, not inspiring at all, and it is painful for most people to sit through. That is why so many graduates and their families do not want to attend.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. JoAnn Emerson is not moderate, she's liberal. I just read a big spread in the Cape newspaper about her boo-hoo campaign on behalf of people who live on food stamps. This is a Republican? Now she marches on the White House to end the war that Fearless Leader has foisted upon us. Her people are smart enough to know which way the wind blows. Her heart is in the ballot box. She goes where the votes are, which is why she'll continue to be reelected. But a conservative she is not.