Speakout 6/6

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Call 471-6636

Several weeks ago I attended a funeral in Sikeston. There were flower arrangements, plants and I know food was provided for the family, and yet I have received no thank-you note from that family. When my mother passed the funeral home provided me with thank-you notes, and within a week mine were mailed out to those who were so kind and generous during my time of sorrow. I think this family needs to reevaluate their situation and send out thank-notes to those who were kind, generous and traveled some distance to acknowledge the death of their loved one.

I'm interested to know if anyone knows of anyone that is growing homegrown grapes, and when they will be ready. My phone number is 667-5317.

Nudity - not appreciated in Miner. A certain person on Gilmore Street lays in her backyard getting a suntan. Please consider the public passing your yard and get a privacy fence or use a tanning bed or use a decent bathing suit. Thongs are not appreciated. Take them back to Florida with you. There are very many children in this area.

This call is in response to the angry homeowner in the May 30th edition of SpeakOut. I'd just like to say, get over it! If you ever stuck your nose out of the small city and small mind that you are living in, then maybe instead of telling the city to get out of your business, you would be getting into theirs. Have you ever tried to ask the city where the money is you spent on home improvements or whatever it is they are requesting you to pay out of your pocket? Where's it going? You may find out the cost in the long run is for your own protection. I know for a fact in other cities, not only do you have to get a permit to make home improvements, you have to pay a much higher tax rate. And you still have to drive down pothole streets, you can't go out after sundown. And nobody cares, including the police. So, my point is, you wouldn't be able to call the city if they let you do anything and everything anytime you wanted to. Maybe you should complain about how well Sikeston has been getting the drugs and criminals off the streets. And while you're at it, complain how you feel safe when you walk out your door anytime of the day when you want to because we have police. I hope that your home that you love so much, never catches on fire. Those fire fighters that put that fire out, that money goes to them, too. Please read David Jenkins article in Wednesday's paper about the blame game.

In reference to the article about the crop duster. Do you smoke, drink or do other bad things to yourself or to harm anyone else? For your information, without crop dusters many people would be unemployed. Harvest would be unhealthy and food would be sparse. If trees and gardens were diseased, wouldn't you want to spray them with chemicals?

I'm speaking out about another government whoops. The city passes ordinances to get rid of junk cars, old cars in your yards. I agree. I think they are an eyesore and they should be hauled off. However, our government don't think very far down the road. They also have a deal where a man can't get rid of a junk car without a title. How many cars do you think are sitting around without titles? Well, the junkman can't take them to the junkyard and dispose of them because he's got to have a title. There's another instance where our government has their head where the sun don't shine. It's silly! You can't get rid of them. Paint your house, but you can't do it without a permit and a $1,000 contract to come in and make sure you're doing it right. You know, they want their cake and they want to eat it, too. But they are going to have to start deciding are the people free or are we a controlled substance? You know, right now I believe Russia has more freedom than we do right here in the United States. What it all boils down to is the rich slopping at the money trough at the expense of the poor people. The poor people would like to take care of their stuff, but it has gotten so expensive, they can't. There is no way you can survive it. By the time you get the engineers and the contracts all laid out, there isn't enough money left to do the job. Now I'm just a common, ordinary man speaking out, which I'm thankful I can do.