Speakout 3/13

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is the city ever going to do anything about Applegate, the street that runs down beside Dudley Park? Or are they going to keep letting it go?

There is a growing problem in our area with payday loans. Senior citizens especially fall prey to these places. If we can't get rid of them, at least the interest rate should be cut so people can more easily pay these loans back. If you are interested in helping, please read the following and contact your representative and senator and urge them to schedule these hearings. At this point, we are hoping to get a committee hearing in the House and Senate on this legislation. The House Bill, HB 237 (Rep. John Burnett), has been assigned to the House Special Committee on Financial Institutions. The Committee Chair is Rep. Mike Cunningham. His office number is (573) 751-3819 and his email is Mike.Cunningham@house.mo.gov if you want to ask him to schedule a hearing on HB 237. The Senate Bill, SB 96 (Sen. Rita Days), has been assigned to the Senate Financial, Governmental Affairs and Elections Committee. The Committee Chair is Sen. Delbert Scott. His office number is (573) 751-8793. You can also call his office to ask that he schedule a hearing on SB 96.

I want to clear something up for everybody. Y'all keep talking about John Kennedy when he started the Vietnam War. Somebody does not have much of an education. The Vietnam War started long before John Kennedy was even thinking about becoming the president. But John Kennedy wanted to end the Vietnam War because he said it was nothing but a civil war. But because he ended up getting killed he never got to finish it. Johnson took over and he didn't want to end the Vietnam War. John Kennedy was the best president we ever had. He cared about the people here in the United States. He wanted to make sure everybody had health insurance and everything and if you couldn't afford it, you would have gotten free medicine and stuff and dental was free. Now Republicans have been running things for 12 years and we've had more things taken away than we ever have with a Democrat in. So look up on the computer and it will tell you exactly when the Vietnam War started.

I'm reading my paper today and it's wanting to know when GI George is going to put on a uniform and go out and fight. These military people who volunteered are being killed. I wonder when this person, since he wants Bush to go out and fight in Iraq, when is he going to suit up with a badge and a gun and defend our streets. Policemen and everybody else die everyday and you never hear comments about them. But they want Bush to go over there. Why don't they go over there and quit worrying about people who voluntarily signed up to go over there? And now they're having to do it.

This is to the code enforce officer in Canalou. When are you going to start doing the job you are being paid for? People are using their yards for nothing but a collection of junk. No wonder we have an over abundance of snakes, rats and other vermin. It's because of these lazy people in town not wanting to better themselves. Most of them don't have jobs so that's not an excuse to clean up their crappy places. It may take a while but changes are coming even if it means getting the Federal Government in here to make the elected officials do their jobs.