Speakout 5/31

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Call 471-6636

I was calling in about the bomb threat at the school. I think it is such a shame that we have people that would try to harm our children. We have so many nasty things already going on about people trying to bother our kids. But to put a bomb at the schools. I'm trying to get an understanding. They have all these security cameras at Sunset. And the people of Sunset, whatever they are going to do, they are going to do. We need to focus on our children. They want to zone in on the people. They need to have those cameras at each school. This is a small town. We have murders that have not been solved. We have kids that get molested every day. We have things that go on just like bigger cities. The same cameras they have at Sunset, they should have had at the schools and they would have been able to see who left the bomb. I think as a community and as a small town we need to think about it.

Has anyone out there ordered that jitterbug cell phone off of TV? If you have, please call me at 471-4323. I'm have a seeing problem and I need a bigger cell phone. I wonder if anybody out there has checked into that or ordered one of those.

I want to commend the teachers at Matthews Elementary for the way they handled the bomb scare on Wednesday. I know that must have been a stressful situation for them yet when I received word of it and rushed to get my child, I arrived to find the children safe, sitting calmly in groups with their teachers. Although there were lots of impatient, worried parents rushing up to that playground fence, the teachers were so calm and understanding that as a parent your mind was immediately put at ease. I admit that I was one of the impatient parents that was consoled by this and I was very concerned about how my first grader would react to all of it - I thought I would arrive to find her completely shaken up and she was not at all. When we got home she told me, "Mom, Mrs. Scott said she would not let anything happen to me so I knew it was okay. She told us we needed to sit quietly so we could hear directions so that is what we did." I guarantee this is the reaction that most students have - Thank you Matthews teachers! You have certainly proved yourself to be an excellent staff in my book. You should be commended.

I would like to speak out on Mike Jensen's article on overcoming the racial divide. I feel that he tried to persuade his audience to believe that blacks are true of arrogant and snobby behavior just because they are black. And blacks demand special treatment just because they are black. I want to report that I am from an African-American household and I do not believe of such behavior from Barry Bonds or anyone. He cannot represent the entire race based on information he has. It does not include me and I am from the American-African race. It is a racial article. It is covered up with a statistical poll that is not even representing the confirmation.

I am sorry you obviously missed the editorial's point - which was - far too many aspects of our society fall along racial lines. The point of the Bond comparison was that, even in sports, our perceptions are based largely on race.