Speakout 4/6

Friday, April 6, 2007

I recently read in the Standard Democrat about the city of Oran and their recent hiring of one police officer to replace the three that they previously had. Now there is no officer on duty at night. The current Chief said that wasn't a problem, the County keeps an eye on the city while he sleeps. One more problem with the county sales tax increase. Why do the rest of us have to help pay to have a County deputy check on a city that should be using their city taxes to pay officers to work at night like the rest of the cities in the county.

I would just like to say thank you and hello to Freddy and Tyrone for the gospel hour you bring us every morning. It's such an uplift and you are so great and dedicated souls, especially when someone calls in. You listen and you care about what people are going through. You always know the right verse and the right thing to say to someone when they call. I pray to God that he continues to bless your ministry and keep you on the air. I love it so much. You probably know who I am.

I'm not very happy with Governor Blunt. I was told that he was giving more money to education. All those scholarships he's going to give out to these students, of course you know where the money is coming from. He has cut Medicare, Medicaid to all these older people who have worked all their lives. And now they are being punished because they are old and the younger generation is getting all these scholarships so they can make big bucks and have big retirements. I think that's very unfair to the older people who have worked all their lives and now they are giving it to the younger people who haven't worked a day in their lives yet. I think it's pretty low of him. I hope someday when he gets old he will be left out in the dark just like he's doing these older people. He hasn't got old yet, but he'll get there someday.

I have a friend that is elderly who cannot sit on her carport because of the ones who live close by her have some bushes and birds roost there. It looks like white paint so she is concerned that she could get bird flu. I thought I'd speak up.

Thank you Drew Juden for the article you had in the paper. It's about time we in Sikeston spent our dollars in our community. We have a beautiful city and we are trying to clean it up. We need our dollars in our city. It's time we took a good look at our court house and our commissioners. Maybe we need to have a house cleaning. Those folks do not pay their share of the tax dollars we pay in Sikeston. People in the north end go to Cape Girardeau instead of coming to Sikeston to spend their dollars helping us. Yes Mike, it's been that way for many years.