Speakout 4/5

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I heard two women talking in the beauty shop about their mothers. Now that their mothers are too old to babysit while they go out and party, they don't need them anymore. They have forgotten the sleepless nights mothers had when their children were sick and how mothers put their arms around them when they had problems in the family. And how she would give them her last dime if they needed it. I think a person is pretty low when they will talk about their mother now that she can't wait on them. They will pay one day for this disrespect.

It's time for a change in direction from our city leaders. As someone in their 30s that grew up and graduated from Sikeston, I can see why friends I grew up with don't want to come back. There aren't enough opportunities in the work force, and it seems like it's less and less each year. There's a growing gap between the haves and have-nots, and I don't see anything being done about it. In addition, Sikeston still has a long way to go in welcoming people of all races and socioeconomic statuses. The west side of town is viewed as a cesspool by many that claim to want to clean it up, and the residents should be welcomed with open arms by city leaders instead in an effort to make that part of town prosper. When can we get new leaders into the city, leaders with a younger, fresher, unbiased viewpoint? The old school, north end views are clearly not working any longer. It's time for a change Sikeston, before it's too late.

Perhaps you are one of the "new leaders." What are you doing?

This is to challenge students, teachers and official persons in charge of disciplining our students. In concern and interest to the unfortunate actions, a great number of our high school students have not been performing in the royal duty and pride to be reasonable and courteous to their teachers and peers. Word does get out how some of our students are behaving, they are trying "The Hate Program" what with a derelict attitude on trip to Musical Festival to their own friends and teachers. It behooves those of the administration should nip this in the bud whether now or too late! Parents, you should be caring to what has been going on. Those heading to school and board members should be alarmed at the unbelievable attitude and rudeness of those students who have not the respect of even themselves, lack of dignity in their own lives to come. Where has respect gone?

You know people wonder why parents of abused children kidnap them to protect them from perverts who are sleeping with their own children. Some parents are afraid to report this to the police for the fear of losing their child. We constantly hear that you should report abuse to your local DFS or Police office and for what? All they do is point the finger at the parent who's trying to protect their child. You people need to take this stuff seriously before some other child is kidnapped or abused. How many times does an innocent child have to go through this before something is done? By this time the child is scarred for life!