Speakout 1/10

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Mississippi County Commissioners always try to save the county money and try to work off tight budgets. To me it looks like they would utilize the county Health Department for doctor visits for county employees. It is hard for Commissioners to feel the strain because most of them own businesses or have other income. I feel like everytime the Commissioners vote themselves a raise the County workers need a raise. I don't know of any employee who makes $35,000 plus a year to just go to a meeting once a week. I think the Commissioners want to save money for the County, they should have to carry their own insurance since the job is not their primary occupation. It is bad when you work all week and your check goes to a doctor or pharmacy.

Why can't the city, the county or the state put a few loads of gravel on the road between that old bar and the Al's Reefer Truck Service off of Highway 60 about midway between Sikeston out there by Glenn Street? It would sure be nice to fill up some of the potholes. I know someone owns that road. A lot of people use it.

I'd like to say this. On County Road 472, Sikeston, is a cutoff of 61 Highway to the Mini Farms. This is a residential area, not a dumping site. We try to keep our property clean and neat, but people keep dumping mattresses and trash out here along the road. Let me reassure you, we are watching. And if we see you dumping, you will be turned in. Please do unto us as we do unto you. No dumping.

This is in response to the person who called in about the students parking in front of the laundry mat at Sikeston Senior High. My question is since when did it become the administration's problem to worry about things going on off campus? I'm a student at Senior High School and I don't think the school should waste their time worrying about these few students and where they are parking. They've got bigger things to worry about. If it's a problem for you, go to the police or go to the store owner. Don't go to the principal.

I've got something important to say, at least I think it's important for all the people who own fast food places in town. I pulled up to the drive through at 10:28 hoping to get some breakfast and they already had up the lunch menu. The fact is, nobody wants to eat lunch at 10:30. At least, they could keep it up until 11:00. Talk about not responding to customer needs. Anyway, I just drove off.

This is to the lady who wrote in about the man cheating. First of all I would like to say you have some audacity telling her to stay with him. Lose him and let him go.