Letter to the Editor

Your view: Let's all help

Friday, March 9, 2007

Regardless of our positions on the Iraq War, all of us want to do everything we can for the troops. Our support is desperately needed.

Newsweek Magazine reported this week that for every soldier killed in this war, 16 become sick or wounded. The ratio in Vietnam was one killed to three wounded. Advances in medical care have resulted in this shift. Many injuries will last a lifetime. Mental disorders may not become apparent for months or years.

The problem is that our government and veteran medical facilities are not equipped for the onslaught.

The recent revelations about conditions of Walter Reed demonstrate the shortcomings of our facilities and personnel. The promises that were made to our soldiers are not being kept.

Please contact your representatives in Washington and tell them that this deplorable situation must be dealt with now. The longer this war continues, the worse the problems will become.

In addition, Newsweek listed charities that have been highly rated by multiple watchdog groups. They are listed as follows:

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (fallenheroesfund.org) Built a topnotch rehab facility at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas that opened this year. Similar projects are on the horizon.

Fisher House Foundation (fisherhouse.org) Constructs housing spaces at medical facilities so injured vets can be with their families while they heal.

Armed Services YMCA (asymca.org) Gives vets YMCA access where they can do physical rehab. Offers paying YMCA jobs to help vets get reacclimated.

We should all do what we can to help.

Thank you, Phyllis Stonecipher Sikeston