Speakout 12/3

Sunday, December 3, 2006

I was reading the Nov. 26 issue in SpeakOut about Wal-Mart closing their fabric department, and I would like to tell you we are not closing our entire fabric department. We will still have our crafts, we just won't have our bolts of fabric. We will be selling it in one-yard increments.

I live in Morehouse and I want to thank the three people who brought me and my husband our Thanksgiving dinner. We are old and I hope they know how much it was appreciated. Sure wish I had thought of making someone Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner when I was young. So next year before you sit down to eat your dinner, think of some old people you could take their dinner. I want to thank each and everyone of them. It sure was appreciated. God bless you.

I'd like to speak out about people burning leaves over here in Charleston. There has got to be the most ignorant man, he is just strictly ignorant. He has burnt leaves all week on the main road. I live just west of him. He has burnt wet leaves all week long. He goes out there at night and starts them over again. I'd like to know if there is some kind of law against burning leaves in Charleston. I thought you could not burn after 4 p.m., but he burns them along the highway ditch, along the fence. It's a wonder he hasn't caught his house on fire. He is very dumb. To this man, try and use a little a sense. Do not be an ignorant fool about the burning of your leaves.

I have had some medical problems lately. Last night I was hurting very bad and went in to speak to my wife. While I was holding her, I asked if she would pray with me. She said she was not one to pray out loud, and I knew that, and asked her to just silently pray as we hugged. After a minute or so, I said thank you and she said, "I'm not finished." I guess I needed more prayer than most. I belong to her, she does not belong to me. After 24 years, the Lord has blessed me so much. How can you say thanks for something so wonderful as her? She is so special. I love you Pam. You are so beautiful to me.

I would like to speak out on the subject matter about on "Guiding light needed for mail." How dare those people who live on Laurelwood, Thornwood and Tanglewood think that they are special because they receive their mail very, very late in the evening because they don't want to go back out and pick up their mail at night! Others that live on Sunset Drive, Alabama, Luther, Pin Oak, North West Street, and the list goes on and on, also have the same problem that they receive their mail very, very late at night and their mail is sometimes on the ground and neighbors find it as well. We have also received other people's mail and our neighbors have received our mail. They shouldn't think they are privileged. Just because they live in the Woods don't mean they are special.