Speakout 1/31

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All of the employees at TLC think you are the best managers on this side of heaven. We will all miss you so very much. You are so nice, cheerful and kind. We love you and God bless you wherever you go and may God let you prosper in all ways.

Good morning. I wanted to speak on one badge, one town Oran, Mo. He's a local, but you know most of them printed in that picture were young kids, young adults. One of them said, "They made me put my seatbelt on. I know it's the law, but this is Oran." What are you thinking Oran, are you immune from the law? Little girl, put your seatbelt on or don't drive. I drive for a living and we have to abide by the law, don't matter what state or country or where we're at. So Oran, abide by the law. Quit acting like you're above the law. Ain't nobody above the law. Have a safe trip.

I would like to say someone made the devil mad in bad example. When we call sin, sin it always makes the devil mad. The first thing he does is jump on our Christianity. We as Christians are going to be persecuted if we stand against sin. It is about time we take a stand. After all, didn't they call Jesus the devil and we know that was a lie? If we want to reign with Jesus, we must suffer with Him. So call us Christians what you will, God knows all about it.

I was reading an article in Your view that someone wrote about cloning a cow that had two heads. To the person who wrote that article, I don't know where in the world that you get your education, but apparently you are going to have to go back to school and learn again. It was not about cloning, what it was, I'm going to have to tell you the facts of life. They took the male sperm from the male cow and put it in a tube. Then they took the tube and inserted it into the female cow, so that way they wouldn't be mating each other. That's what they're talking about. It's a tube, it's not cloning. The cow was born with two heads. I have seen on TV where there are babies born with two heads and there was no cloning or anything like that involved. You need to get another education and go back to school. Apparently you don't know what test tube means.

I am the idiot that called about the ATM card. I used it that day because I didn't have a check with me. If I had used a check I would have got a cash discount. Now then, would you rather have a check from someone and not know whether it clears the bank or would you rather have an ATM card used at your business, which you will know within 30 minutes to an hour from the time you use it? If a check is considered cash and you get a cash discount with a check, why not an ATM? Think about it. Yes, cash is cash, dollar bills etc. But a check will give you a cash discount, too. Does that check clear right then or does that ATM clear right then?