Speakout 12/5

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

When my family and I moved back to Sikeston from several years in Columbia, I was concerned about finding a good family practitioner to take care of our medical needs. A friend recommended Dr. Colleen Hunter-Pearson and I am so glad she did. For almost four years now Dr. Hunter and her staff have been taking care of all of us. I don't know if they know how appreciated they are. Her whole staff is courteous, quick and professional. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to Dr. Hunter, Lisa, Susie and Charlene. Thanks for keeping us well!

Mike, I'm disappointed in you this time. Your November 28th editorial about profiling was actually pretty much on the mark, but you seem to have succumbed to the incessant liberal rantings that any profiling is racial. Although you didn't actually use the word "racial" in the editorial, your headline screamed "Racial profiling may not always be wrong." We need to stress that our safety in the air through profiling has absolutely nothing to do with racial bigotry. It is profiling, needed profiling, but it is NOT racial profiling. Cheers.

This is to all the loud mouthed Democrats out there. You ranted and raved and then you voted. You got your big shot lawyer guys/gals in office. President Bush didn't start this war, the terrorists did. Now you got some loud mouthed Democrat guy wanting to force our kids to go to war. He doesn't want them to have a say in the matter, he wants to start the draft back up. President Bush thinks enough of our boys to not force them to go. He thinks a lot more about them than the Democrats do.