Speakout 8/3

Thursday, August 3, 2006

My speakout is against a power company and I feel that they have forgotten their values on what customer service is really about. You know people forget about dates and they forget to pay and they have legitimate excuses why they don't pay their bill on the exact day and time they expect it. Now I'm a local customer and I have a legitimate problem that I needed to get taken care of before I could pay my bill. Now for them not realizing what customer service was and taking care of human needs, my power has been shut off and it's going to cost me a $125 extra. If I'm not mistaken, that sort of thing is called a monopoly which is against our constitution and against the law. Depriving a person's rights because they made a mistake or forgot a date is not right. Who do they have working for them? Do they have actual people or robots? The people who work for them should understand what it is like to be a person and understand things come up. I'm without power and I have to stay somewhere else because a mistake in a date has been made. They need to understand about people and business. If they are all about money they should make it known. Quit monopolizing this part of the state. I hope this company realizes this and changes their policy.

I called a local a pizza company the other night to have a pizza delivered. They said they had a list of streets from the police department of the streets they could not deliver to and my street was number four on it. But yet, the night before they delivered a pizza to the house that was caddy corner from me. Like why is it that they can get a pizza delivered and I cannot get a pizza? I live on a street that one end has violence problems but on the end closest to Murray Lane there is no violence. Why can the house across the street get one and I can't? Can you answer that?

I heard over the news that tobacco was expected to kill one billion this century. How many do they expect the drunk drivers to kill?

I'm calling about food stamps and I just want to say we shouldn't have to shop after hours just to buy our baby some food. Y'all just jealous 'cause you probably got turned down for food stamps. Some people have two or three kids, or a newborn baby, such as me. I have an eleven month old son. I am not about to go to Wal-Mart at eleven o'clock at night just to please you. I get $278 and I'm gonna spend every one of them and you can just deal with it. That's all I got to say.

I was at a local restaurant and I noticed my chicken wasn't completely cooked. I told the young girl at the register and she told me it wasn't her problem. If you are going to work in the customer service industry you need to learn how to better serve your customers. I hope your manager seriously reads this and reprimands her according to the policy because she shouldn't be allowed to treat her customers like this. If it wasn't for her customers, she wouldn't have a job.

Just wanted to know how long it takes for your SpeakOut to be put in the paper after you call it in?

Often we are backlogged two weeks.