Speakout 12/31

Sunday, December 31, 2006

I just stood in line in a local grocery store behind a young woman who paid for two packs of cigarettes with her ADC card. I asked the cashier about it and she said that was acceptable. I just want to know why our tax dollars are paying for that lady's cigarettes. What a total drain on society

I'm calling about the comment in the SpeakOut Dec. 20 about It just happens. You sound just like the woman who thought she had my husband several years ago. I tried to work it out with him because of the children when I found out about it. And I was a good wife, a good mother, a good homemaker, and good to my husband and taking care of my business and his business. Honey, it didn't want you. He was just one of those men who didn't know what he wanted. And you were just one of those women who didn't care who she hurt, what she did or what she was or what she did in front of her children. So let me tell you, my husband is out of the picture. I've taken care of my children. My children are gone now and I'm on my own now and better off. I have met several women like you in my lifetime, and you do know the man is married. That's the man you want because you know there is no obligations. You have no one to answer to, you come and go as you please and do what you want and he'll give you a little bit of money. I tell you, that woman didn't get my husband's money. Not one dime. She paid for what she did and he did too!

I'm a senior citizen and I'm on Medicare. I've worked everyday of my life, no welfare or none of that stuff. But one thing I cannot understand about our health system. They got eye help, they got ear help, but they have no dental help. The teeth in my mouth are about to fall out and the only alternative I've got is to buy a pair of pliers and pull them myself, because I can't afford to go to a dentist. And I can't get no help. Every program they've got, there is no dental involved. Do they actually think people that are senior citizens don't have problems with their teeth? The rest of your body is taken care of, but not your teeth. How come our programs are based like this? Is the dental industry that strong to where they can control what help you can and cannot get? I'm talking to the rest of the senior citizens. Maybe we need to group together and find out what's wrong and why.

I would like to make a comment about your front page ad about woman stabbed in Dec. 24th's issue. You people did not print the entire truth. As this young lady's mother, I know that my daughter did not just stab someone over clothes. There were two girls holding my daughter down and beating her. She was only trying to defend herself. You have made my daughter look like a heartless thug, and that just is not true. My daughter would not attack someone unless she felt she was truly in danger. It would be nice if you had all the facts before you started printing your story, and putting it on the front page. She has not been convicted of anything. I understand you have to print news, but in the future please print the entire story!

I'm in dire need. I am a 62-year-old lady. I need a place to move to. I have the money to rent a place, but it's hard to find a place with a little dog. I have a little dog that's 9 years old and she's house broken and there's three of us. Would somebody please, if you have anything to rent preferably in Sikeston, but I would accept something somewhere else, please give me a call. I have good references. 380-8497. Thank you.

This is in regards to the affairs comment. Yes there will always be women who prey on married men, however, the married person, whether it be a man or a woman, is the one who took the marriage vows. In short, just as what applies to drug dealers. If there are no drug dealers, there will be no drug users.

Once again, Christmas is here and it's supposed to be a time when we count our blessings. But when I look around I see a bunch of long faces. Well I just want to say some of you think you have it pretty bad, but I bet it's not as bad as we had. Last week it looked like Christmas was coming early, our oldest one got out on an early release but now the grinch is going to take it all back. His younger brother is going to have to go to a hearing with his parole officer. Merry Christmas, indeed.