Letter to the Editor

Your view: Racing along

Friday, January 5, 2007

Sikeston, Mo., should be very proud of these two young racers, Hunter Schuerenberg and Daron Clayton. I live 20 miles north of Dayton, Ohio, and this past summer I made numerous trips to nearby Indiana watching both of these fine gentlemen race many times. They are definitely two of the best young drivers in the country right now. They not only have the ability to race with the best, they also are very polite and friendly young gentlemen.

They are a "sponsors dream", a little term I like to use for the very few drivers around the country that are top drivers and also able to talk to the fans and public, a trait all the top race teams look for more than driving ability. The first thing a driver needs to do is satisfy a sponsor. So many times during my many years of racing you will see a young driver that will stand out above the rest with their driving ability but don't care about their speaking skills or appearance. It will totally surprise me if both of these drivers aren't signed under "driver development" contracts this coming season. Thank you for doing such fine articles on both of these young men. I have a feeling you will be writing many more articles on these two.

Tom Jennings


Dayton Auto Racing Fan Club