Speakout 1/5

Friday, January 5, 2007

I want to know if our banks are above laws. A woman buys a home from a local bank and mold is discovered. Her payments are current. The bank hires a local cleaning company. After they tear out the floors, ceiling, unhook the water heater, the bank stops the job because of the cost. They refuse to put the home back together. She and her three children are forced out of their home in November and are still unable to live in the house. We need to find if this is an illegal action on the bank's part. Lawyers cost money. Is it legal to do this to a family in our country?

I know Elva gave the fruit baskets out in Morehouse, but I just want to say thank you very much. They were just beautiful and it was just so thoughtful and kind of you. May you be blessed abundantly.

This is in response to the Right to ride. Sikeston School District definitely has double standards. At the high school, drivers must have a permit to park on the school lot, as my daughter does. There are two students parking in front of the laundry mat by the video store. I have complained to the principal and I've also called the Board of Education three times, giving them a description of the cars and the people driving them. To date, they are still parking there against school rules. I agree, rules are fine, but all should be made to follow them, not just some.

I'm replying to the Dec. 28th, Both had attitudes. Did it ever occur to the person that we should take pride in our actions and how we present ourselves as fans? And how we should welcome anyone who wants to come to a game and see it? Maybe some things should change.

Before New Madrid spends all that money on generators to run its pumps, maybe it should look at a way to get the water to the pumping stations. Right now it just seems to be sitting in the ditches, flooding the cemetery and the New Madrid Elementary School. Or, maybe the New Madrid Elementary School should just start teaching swimming?

It saddens me to know that Mississippi County thinks so little of its employees by forcing them to choose between feeding their families and their medical bills. Co-pays on medicine and doctor's visits sometime make the difference between the two. If they had kept the original insurance with the co-pays, even with a $5,000 deductible, people would have been able to live from check to check. But by paying out full doctor's visits and medicine, it will affect their daily lives. Unless Mississippi County is going to find it in their hearts to increase their pitiful salaries, the employees and their families will suffer.