Speakout 8/15

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Very seldom do I agree with Mike on anything. Mike is right, however, on the article about illegal immigrants. It is time that we demand changes to our immigration laws. The problem is nobody seems to care. Let's start with the city of Sikeston. The city has a contract on the city street program with a contractor that might be working illegal immigrants. The Mexicans working on the street program don't even know how much they are getting paid. They don't even get check stubs on their paychecks, no check stubs, no income tax, no Social Security. The City Council and the city management don't seem to care. They only care about the cheapest bid, not what is right. What about other contractors in the area that pay the prevailing wage rate and do not work illegal immigrants?

City Manager Doug Friend offered the following response: "The city has two consulting engineering firms that we pay to monitor compliance with all state and federal laws associated with prevailing wages. Payroll records are checked and confirmed on a routine basis, so if this individual has specific details that would suggest that this is going on, please forward it to my office."

Jo Ann, if I may address you as others do, you can pull this reversal thing off if the decision has not been unofficially made (which I believe it has been, in favor of Union Pacific). You will have to use up some of your "chips," but for what greater cause? I read in this paper to the effect that UP stated (I can't recall the exact words) they feared only the U.S. Senators and representatives. On the surface, that comment sounds good for our cause. Wrong. We know Sen. Bond can move mountains, but our votes in this small area, will that move him? So that leaves us with Miss Emerson to "slay the dragon." We do and can and will have an impact on a U.S. representative's small area. Well, another election is almost over. Some will cheer, some will weep. Also first read the front page article and "photo op" for a few farmers and our U.S. Rep. Emerson. Read the whole article looking for any discussion on the track swap issue which will affect thousands, not just a few. Don't misunderstand me, the farmers are very important to our nation and to our community. Miss Emerson understands this and almost single-handedly, against her own party, pushed through legislation helping our farmers to sell more grain to Cuba. I applaud her for this independent effort. The train impact on this city, if it takes place, in the daylight hours having traffic stopped east to west for up to 20 or 30 minutes every hour of the day, five to six days a week, is unimaginable to the vast majority of our population. It will change our way of life for generations to come -- and cost many lives. Jo Ann, we have accepted you as one of us -- don't let us down. You are our only hope. P.S.: Pardon my grammar and spelling; I graduated from Sikeston schools.

I'd like to give a thanks to the staff and the vet at North Ridge Veterinary Clinic for taking care of our boxer for the last month. They did a great job and we appreciate them.

This is for Chris Moore. I read your article about the athletes in Sikeston and I was wondering why you didn't do track and field. I would like to see an article at your convenience mentioning some of the best track athletes. Hope to read them soon. Keep up the good work and have a good day.