Speakout 11/13

Monday, November 13, 2006

I did not have the luxury of having a college education. I have no computer so I'm unable to surf the Internet. I have never been able to blog, but I have no doubt to what Mr. Kerry was referring to when he said, "Stuck in Iraq." He was referring to Mr. Bush.

I used to think a local school was pretty good, that they had discipline, but something has gone wrong. I was over waiting on my granddaughter the other day and two girls came out the front door. I have seen girls in a burlesque show that wore more clothes than that. It's a shame and disgrace. I don't know if there is a dress code or not, but whoever is head of it should be ashamed. It is awful what this society has come to.

I had the privilege of being a patient at Missouri Delta Medical Center a week ago on 2-F. The nurses were so good to me. They were right there at my beck and call and were so kind to me. My surgeon, Dr. Helfrich was just a little doll. I just wanted to thank them for being so nice and kind. They were a great big blessing to me.

I voted at Bertrand and I thought it was illegal to advertise where you voted. I noticed there were pamphlets of Claire McCaskill lying on the desk right where you registered to vote. I thought that this was against the law.

Didn't do so good

Win some, lose some. I voted for Talent, voted all Republican. We didn't do so good. I think it's our fault. I think we elected a bunch of liberal Republicans, a bunch of whinos. We ain't got much different. We've been lied to before.

I don't think it's right for FEMA to buy a boy trailer in Mississippi County and him be able to sell the trailer to buy a car. When FEMA buys him the trailer, he ought to have to keep it.

I was wondering how often street cleaners come through? Is this a service we have to pay for and how often do they come through?

According to a spokesperson for the Street Department, there is one sweeper that takes care of the entire town. They will get to each street, it just takes time. There is no charge for this service.

Well congratulations Missouri. You threw out the man who had respect for the veterans and the armed forces and replaced him with a woman who doesn't care if you kill your own children. Congratulations. Now we are really going to get somewhere.