SpeakOut 2/3

Saturday, February 2, 2008

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Someone in the Mormon Church told me Jesus is God. Sorry to say, my church and my Bible says that Jesus is the son of God and sits at the right hand of God. Either way, who do you think made Adam and Eve?

In response to the Jan. 17 speak out, whoever wrote in Go Hillary, you're wrong all over the place. She would not take care of America like you say. Besides, she voted for the war. All she would do is raise taxes right and left. You wait, as the year goes by, she will keep lying more of the time and getting dirtier in her speeches. The Clintons are number one in false faces and lies. Obama is a much nicer and smarter person anyway. Imagine the Clinton's crap duo walking the White House halls again. I suppose they would have to fix a special room for his fun and games. What a laugh!

I went down to the Sikeston Smokehouse the other day and ate some ribs and sausages. It was the best I've ever had the whole time I've lived in Sikeston. I've been here over 35 years. People should come on down to the Sikeston Smokehouse.

I'm very glad they are wanting to clean up the trash here in town. However, I would like to ask the mayor what they are planning on doing to the trash people who leave all our trash all over the ground when they are picking up the trash. Everyday that the trash people come, you can drive up and down the streets and there is trash that they've dropped and let lay and never stopped to pick it up.

Could someone please explain to me why the administrators of the Sikeston Public Schools feel it necessary to have three or four principals at each school? I'd also like to know who gave them the authority or the power to regulate the traffic patterns or traffic flow around the schools. Someone needs to tell them that they should go to the city council and request ordinances be passed. They have no authority to regulate traffic around schools.

I see in the paper that they are going to give more money to education. The teachers are going to get more money. How about giving more for home care people. They need to give them bonuses and insurance. So Blunt, what do you say about it?

When you print anything I've said, you've printed it when you wanted to print it. There has been no foul language, nothing bad. You may not have liked what I said in general. But, I'm going to try it again on something else. I found out you can't dispose of your old medicines by flushing it down the toilet anymore because it causes growth and reproductive problems in fish and other aquatic wildlife. I found this out by reading the back of the Schnucks' ad. It would be very nice if this was told to a lot of people that didn't know about it. I wasn't aware of this. Maybe if you can broadcast it to everybody. What you are supposed to do is add water to the container to dissolve the tablets. Dump the water and dissolved tablets in a disposable bag and fill it with a handful of non-dissolvable substance such as kitty litter or coffee grounds. Remove and destroy all personal information from the prescription labels. Place bag in trash on trash pick up day. Recycle plastic or glass container if desired. That's what you're supposed to do with it.