Speakout 6/11

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tell it like it is

This is the person that you keep calling Missy in your SpeakOut. Call me what you want to, I don't care. What I do care about is having to pay for LAZY people who don't work and lay around and enjoy the good life on WELFARE. If you would have read the things I said earlier in SpeakOut stupid, you would have realized I was talking about people who CAN work, people that AREN'T sick. I forget that this is southeast Missouri and things must be repeated and said SLOWLY so that you can understand. And understand this, if I am ever on Medicaid it won't be because I decided to lay on my butt and draw checks. Welfare is for people who need it, people who are sick, not the lazy people who decided to have a lot of kids and can't take care of them. And as far as me being judgmental about people not being able to go to college because their family doesn't have enough money to send them, if you will look at the statistics, more people that go to college have good parents that have raised them and taught them values and good morals. You have lazy people here in Sikeston whose parents don't teach them what a good education is, they don't care. They teach their kids just to grow up and draw welfare checks. This is what I'm talking about.

I love the article "Immaculate conception" in the SpeakOut today. I am so glad that you called in and said you agreed with the lazy teenagers, young people who could go to work, but decided to stay at home and keep receiving welfare. Thank you.

What is wrong with people? They think cutting of electricity and gas is wrong if your bill is not paid and it's the president's fault. This is a free country, not a communist country where government runs everything. People saying you shouldn't lose your house if you don't pay the payments. They are saying feed me, my children, give me a free house, free electricity, free gas. I want it all now and it's none of the tax payer's business. These people need to go live in a communist country. I just think I won't read SpeakOut anymore until we have some intelligent complaints. As far as the child and the free lunches, it is the parent that should be ashamed that the child was put in that situation because the parent would not pay his milk money. It is terrible that people are so dependent on the government for all their needs that they will even face down a hurricane unless someone takes responsibility for them.

I was just reading Jason Crowell's article in the paper concerning the trains. I am a Republican, but this guy has got a lot of growing up to do. He is still wet behind the ears.

I was reading the SpeakOut where someone called in and said about the Democrats donating to the gay rights. I guess it's OK for the vice president to have a lesbian daughter. The biggest majority of the gay people that voted were Republicans not Democrats. Ain't that sweet? And we have a vice-

president that has a lesbian daughter that is going around demanding that gays get married and all this. I'm totally lost.

I'm calling concerning summer school. When I was in school, summer school was strictly for kids who needed extra help through the year. Someone told me the reason they have summer school is so the schools could get extra state money. Hey, I think they get enough. Furthermore, I think it's more like a day center. They're not learning anything. They are just going there to meet friends and play games.