Speakout 4/11

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm clueless as to why there are no parental rights for fathers. I know that there are a lot of deadbeat fathers out there that will not support their children financially or emotionally. I'm not in that classification! I have been divorced for over three years, and my ex-wife has went to extreme measures to make sure that I don't have a relationship with my two daughters. I've been accused of being violent, child abuse, fraud, and the list goes on and on. To top that off, everytime she cries wolf, New Madrid County authorities run at her beck and call. I've never had a criminal record, until now. I haven't heard or seen my daughters in over 10 months! I've contacted governors, senators, representatives, and so on, with no help whatsoever. I still keep sending the child support payments, with no visitation. I've filed Family Access Motions, took her to court three times for contempt, and still no visitation. I've contacted my case worker from Child Support, and was informed that if I miss a child support payment, I could lose my license, hunting and fishing privileges, and jail time. What am I supposed to do? I was investigated for child abuse and fraud, and have been cleared of that. Can a woman do as she pleases, and neglect the divorce decree? The laws state that the sheriff is the one to enforce the decree, but no help there either. I miss my children dearly, and I'm sure I'm not the only father whose children get abandoned from them. It's a shame that the children are the ones that suffer the most. Anyone please give me some guidance in this matter.

A reliable source of the Sikeston ethanol plant has told me that they are going out and seeking investments from venture capitalists. Big money will be coming in very soon. It's time for local businessmen and farmers to put their money in if they want in. You better hurry.

This is in response to the Portageville person who thinks there are too many people speeding. Portageville is ran over with policemen and they do their job. Animals are supposed to be kept on a leash and there is a leash law that is supposed to be upheld. If the leash law is obeyed, then the people will not have to worry about their animals.

- - -

This is in response to the Poor Kitty article in SpeakOut. Portageville does have a leash law. If your animals are not on a leash, they should be confined to an enclosed area. This way no animal will be out on the street for it to be hit. As far as the police, I think they are doing a great job.

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In reference to the SpeakOut column Poor Kitty, the cat shouldn't have been out in the road or near the road. Portageville does have a leash law and the police are doing their job. Did you call them? Did you sign a complaint? Did you know who did it? Maybe the police could have helped. The police cannot be everywhere all the time, but if the police are called, they do respond. You need to call.

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This is in response to the person in Portageville who had their cat ran over. Yes, we do have a few people in Portageville that tend to speed and that needs to be dealt with. We also have an animal control ordinance that states no animal shall be out running loose or running free. Everyone needs to keep their animals either penned up or inside. That would also solve the problem with animals being ran over.

This is in response to Wanna Be Driver in SpeakOut. I am a teenage driver and it makes me mad to see that our elders think that we don't know how to drive. And honestly, not every teenage driver drives a Cadillac or drives really fast. I, myself don't drive really fast, nor do my friends. There are only a handful of teenagers that do drive fast. The majority of teenage drivers in Sikeston are good drivers. I suggest that whoever said this get their story straight before they start judging every teenager.