Speakout 7/16

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'd like to respond to the city of Sikeston about the rental property. I've learned my lesson the hard way. Always research. When someone comes up to you and wants to rent your piece of property, do a background check. It will save a lot of heartache in the future. You get these little construction people that give you a song and a dance that will tell you that they will keep up the property and I have found out that they are the worst ones to have on your property. Yeah, I was promised the moon and the stars to keep the property up just to let them get in and after about five months I had nothing but a total disaster and an eyesore. You can't go to the city. They can't do anything, it's a civil deal. I called Benton and that's another procedure. It seems to me the hardworking class of people get the worst end of the deal and the low-lifes get every break in the world. And these people know what they can get by with. I have got a piece of property now that's gonna take some money to get caught up and repaired, due to my fault, by not doing a background check and trusting this individual. But not anymore, I have learned my lesson. I'd like for the city of Sikeston to be aware of these scum bums that come in and promise you things that they are gonna do.

This is in response to the doctor for weight loss and acupuncture. There is a doctor in Jackson. His name is Dr. Justin Bell. He is with the Chiropractic Associates of Southeast Missouri. Telephone number is 866-236-9478. Dr. Bell does not do acupuncture but he does laser on your ear and it works wonders. I know several people who have had it, including myself, and I have lost 32 pounds.

This is about Southeast attendance. I am a parent of a child that attends Southeast. Every year perfect attendance is always one of the school's priorities. This year nothing, to my knowledge, was awarded to anybody for perfect attendance all year. I would at least have liked to had seen a picture in the paper or a nice certificate given to each child. This coming fall perfect attendance may not be one of my child's priorities. Thanks from a concerned parent.

This is to the lady that came in to the store at Morehouse and cursed out the store clerk. Lady, you were completely wrong! I was in the store for the whole, entire incident. That clerk did not embarrass your son, you embarrassed your son. And you embarrassed our church. Yes, I go to the same church you go to. We both profess to be Christians and you were not Christian like in any way. You taught your children to disrespect your elders, it was okay to steal and it was okay to act a fool out in public. Lady, you were badly mistaken and you are going to be visiting your son in jail one day. I hope you ask God to forgive you for the act that you did and that you ask the clerk to forgive you. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should apologize to your son for your actions and show him the right way. Take this as a word of kindness from your fellow church person. I was there the whole time and lady, you were so wrong. You did yourself a terrible disgrace by coming out and cursing that lady.