Speakout 11/10

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bring it on

I think that it would be a good idea to bring the G.E.D. test to Mission Missouri. I strongly believe a lot of people would come and take the test.

Missed the announcement in the paper. What is the schedule for the fall leaf pick-up? We live on Park, which I believe is in area 7. Thanks.

East of Kingshighway, west of North Main between Salcedo Rd. and Malone Nov. 13 - Nov. 17 and Dec. 11 - Dec. 15. The schedule may be found by visiting the web at www.sikeston.org/PublicWorks/leaf_collection_2006.htm

If you wanted a big voter turnout, you should have hired the "Hooters" girls to work the polls. Hell, I may have even done some campaigning.

Does anyone in Morehouse have pictures of the Fall Pageant they can send to the paper to be published?

The contestants' photographs and names need to be submitted by pageant officials to ensure that we have the correct information.

I just wanted to say that I agreed with Chris Moore's article on Coach Long. I had a son play for him a few years back and Coach Long does an amazing job over there on the soccer field. I wish other coaches would take heed of what he is doing and maybe we would be able to have winning programs throughout Sikeston. Also about Notre Dame recruiting, I wish all the Sikeston people that send their kids to Notre Dame would just move to Cape because we don't want you here. If you are not going to support Sikeston sports, then move on to Cape and good luck.

This is in response to the woman who said she couldn't get a flu shot for her child at the doctor's office because she was on Medicaid. I work in a doctor's office and she's right, we do not give flu shots to Medicaid children. The doctor does not get reimbursed for the vaccine, but still has to pay the drug company for the vaccine. If they will take their child to the local health department, they can get the shot for free, or a minimal charge at the most, so what is her gripe? I'll tell you. She doesn't want to have to make two trips, one to the doctor's office and one to the health department. I'm sure that a lot of working people would be glad to make two trips to get free health care. What does she want, someone to come to her house? And I suppose while there, we might as well do some cleaning since she's probably not able to do that either!