Speakout 3/7

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This is in response to your sports section. I would just like to know are there any 2A Districts going on in this area? You sure in the heck don't report them.

You're right about the school lunches, but you have to stop and think. They have to consider all those people that come in from other countries, that should not be here. They've got to set them up with homes, businesses and all the food stamps they can get. They take our jobs because they work cheap. There's a lot of people that belong here in the United States that can't get the help that they need. Don't know if you'll publish this or not, but it needs to be.

I seen on the news where they are opening a trailer place in Kennett. When are they ever going to open shoe factories and clothing factories again? We need those kind of places so women can work there, and younger people. I don't know why they ship everything overseas. You buy a pair of shoes, wear them one day and they fall apart. They need to start looking into that and bring the shoe factories and clothing factories back to the USA. What do you think ole president?

I read sometime ago where the city of Sikeston and Miner were going to split the cost of Ables Road, having a center line put down it, which I think is totally ridiculous. I'd rather see them split the cost and get the lot cleaned up by Southeast school, which is just totally ridiculous. It's like a big junk pile with weeds and concrete. I think something needs to be done about that because it's just totally an eyesore. And it looks awful for the residential area.

Thank you for allowing me to be on SpeakOut. What I'm wanting to say is that I'm very disappointed in KFVS-TV. Anytime anything happens in Sikeston, Charleston or Cairo, any kind of allegations, they will break their neck to get down and get the news. But, when Tiffany Sisson is allegedly accused on stealing, what do you hear? No comment. News is news. I'm not saying that Tiffany is guilty, but I think KFVS-TV has a double standard. Thank you.

I would like to speak out against City Hall in Morehouse. There was trouble at the water plant and a boil water had to be put on. There was a sign put on the door at the one and only store and a sign put on the door at City Hall. How many citizens in town goes to the store and City Hall to see what's going on? I would like to ask the clerk at City Hall why it wasn't put on KFVS and the radio station to help people know not to drink the water?

This is to the lady that called in she was too young for the rocking chair. She's too young to bear children, but not old enough to get Social Security. I'm wondering, has she tried the Foster Grandparent Program? That's a wonderful program and many women are involved in that. They really do a lot of good and they get paid a salary for that. It's not very much, but it helps, and they don't have to pay taxes on it. It doesn't affect their Social Security or anything like that. They have one here in Sikeston and I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for her to get a hold of them. Maybe she ought to try that.