Speakout 7/18

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I was having lunch at a downtown restaurant last week. As parking is limited, I found a spot to park about a block away and walked to the restaurant. As I was finishing my lunch, I noticed a car pull up in front of the restaurant, double-park and put on its emergency flashers. A black lady came in, ordered her lunch at the counter and preceded to shop in the store while her lunch was being prepared. She was there a total of about 15 minutes. Just for the record, I would like her to know that getting her lunch does not constitute an emergency. She could have parked and walked just like I did. Next time I will call the police sooner since she left before they got there. Guess it was her lucky day.

This speakout is for all of the lovely citizens that think they know what it takes to be a police officer. The town I grew up in had the utmost respect for their police department. When I moved to this area and began reading all of the ignorant speakouts about police officers, it made me sick. 99 percent of the time the only reason people get mad about an officer writing a traffic ticket is when they are just mad because they got caught, and not because they actually believe the officer was wrong. Also, how do citizens that have no experience in law enforcement think that are qualified to judge if a police officer is unqualified or not highly trained? Just because a police officer works in a small town, don't think you know his/her whole life story.

In response to the man who will take down the satellite dishes for free. I have one that I would like taken down. My number is 471-1958.

- - -

This is for the person who takes down big satellite dishes free. I have one I need taken down. My number is 471-9128.

- - -

I have a large satellite dish I would like removed from my yard. My number is 471-8486.

- - -

I would like to leave my number for the man who said he would take down the satellite dish. 471-7453.

To all the farmers in the area that makes the windshield I have knocked out or cracked because of their negligence. I will block the road, take a ball bat and beat out the windshield they are driving.

If you'll cut the welfare and the food stamps off for the people who are just flat too lazy too work, guess what? You could end the illegal immigration problem. Because there would be no jobs that the American people wouldn't be willing to work because they've got to eat. They'd have to work.