Speakout 2/4

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hats off to the person who commented on a Bum rap. I agree with him 100 percent. I would only buy American made cars. Their cars look better, they drive better and they last better than any foreign made cars. I wish more people would be like you and I. They can take those foreign cars and ship them back to Japan and let the Japanese drive them. We don't want them over here. They have ruined our country. People have been out of work due to all these imported cars. As a matter of fact, I think they are downright ugly.

I just reread Thursday's sports page and if there was any mention of the Sikeston girls' basketball team game played that night, I sure couldn't find it. You might have more people at the games if you would just announce the upcoming schedule of boys and girls home games. The teams might play a little better because of it.

Have you all forgotten Congress's mouth and ego were the reason we lost in Vietnam and how horrible the public treated us when we came back home to the land we fought and died for? You've got to remember freedom isn't free. Just get over it and support what we are doing as well as who we are.

I was just going to let everyone know in Sikeston and the surrounding areas, Kentucky Fried Chicken is under new management in Dexter. He put all new equipment in there and it is clean and the food is delicious. They've got a new price board up there. I've got another question. When you do an oil change, I did my first oil change. I put four quarts of oil and one can of that slick 50 in it. Are you supposed to do it every time or every other time with that slick 50 in it? I appreciate everybody's answer.

Slick 50 is put in every 50,000 miles, thus the name, Slick 50. It's on the directions.

I support our troops and always will. They are only following orders. They have no choice. But having our forces captured and then shot in the head is unbearable. If Bush needs more troops he should pick up a gun and go.

I would like to speak out if you would put this in your newspaper and I hope you will. I am a Portageville Bulldog fan and I was at the game Saturday night at your facility, fine school you have, fine gymnasium. Your Standard-

Democrat is a fine paper, excluding your sports department. I would like to speak out about the great Portageville basketball victory over your Sikeston Bulldogs Saturday night. According to your sportswriters, Sikeston Bulldogs are the best. Saturday night we lived up to the No. 1 defense in southeast Missouri. Your part time panel of sports predictors, especially the red headed boy that was sitting on Sikeston's side, we know now that when you have them pick the teams that are favored to win on any particular night, in our case Saturday night, it was a unanimous vote by your panel to beat Portageville hands down. We do not lay down for any team that they throw at us. So anytime that your sportswriters sit on the side of your Sikeston Bulldogs on the panel and do not come over and check our stats or anything, we know how your favoritism is on your people who work for your sports department. Again I want to thank you. You do have a good paper. But you do need to fire everyone of those sportswriters you have and get a new bunch and give everybody a fair chance. Also I want to congratulate Doniphan for beating Malden Saturday night.