Speakout 7-16

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The more the merrier

This is in response to the person who complained about extra kids at birthday parties. That mother needs to lighten up. If you were a kid and saw your brother or sister being dropped off at a fun place, wouldn't you want to go? Do you honestly not have an extra cupcake? My son just had a party at the gym and we welcomed all siblings because we thought it was only fair. My son enjoyed having more kids to play with.

Morehouse water

I know everyone is tired of reading about the water in Morehouse. It is July 1, and we've been putting up with this for months. Our water looks like blood. Who wants to drink water that looks like blood? The health department has been here. EPA has been here. Still yet, everybody in this town is having diarrhea and stomach problems. I just hope and pray that someone out there can help us. People really are getting sick from this, and I'm one of them. Please, somebody help us.

The fireworks have begun

These kids in Morley are shooting fireworks at 20 after 11 at night. People are trying to sleep. This aggravates older people and us people at work. And another thing, these kids walk up and down the streets of Morley at all hours of the night, too. Kids should be in bed at that hour.

Just peachy

I'm looking for information about the Campbell Peach Festival. If anybody has any knowledge or who to contact regarding the pageants, please leave the information in the newspaper.

The festival will be July 30-Aug. 2. For more information, you may call Tina at 246-3641.

I earned it

This is in response to "Old codgers" on June 27. As for the "old" people cashing their Social Security checks in the wrong lane at the banks, most of our checks are direct deposited. If you don't like waiting in line, you go inside. As for being AARP's and screwing our children and grandchildren, what are we screwing them out of? I draw that Social Security check because I paid it in when I worked. I hope you never get "old" and have to cash your Social Security check. Then you will be one of us rude people.

Mission complete

I want to tell the world, and I will start with Sikeston, that Mission Missouri House of Liberty is the best recovery house in the world. They saved my life and gave me a new beginning. Thank you very much. I love you all. J.P.

Had a blast

I was just calling to say thank you to the Sikeston Elks Lodge for a wonderful Fourth of July fireworks display. I hope you and your family enjoyed it. If you did, please send them a donation. They fund this project all by themselves and I'm sure they could use a donation. Sent it to 349 Donna Street in Sikeston. And again, thank you to the Sikeston Elks Lodge.