Speakout 7-17

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watch out for hairballs

It's Wednesday evening at 6:15 p.m. and here I am with that old black, grayish cat in my yard again. He seems to be eating the greenery out there. I don't have anything out there to eat but the greenery. I wish you'd keep him at home. As I said before, I do not like cats.

Recognized talent

I was Neal Boyd's music teacher at Lee Hunter School from the fall of 1981 through the spring of 1987. I recognized his talent very early when he was in the first grade and gave him many opportunities to sing solos in our various music productions during his five years in elementary school. During the remainder of his public school education, he received a great deal of encouragement, especially when he was in high school as a pupil of Willie Grega. Neal called me last week after his appearance on America's Got Talent, and he shared with me the satisfaction and excitement which his TV performance has generated. The article in SpeakOut concerning Neal and our school system's lack of music education was obviously written by an uninformed person.

Doesn't like the change

I check the paper online and with the new webpage, I can't go back and check out the archives. I don't like it.

The archives are coming!

It's the law

I'm calling in response to the speakout in the paper about the problems in Matthews - the four-wheelers, golf carts, loud deafening music, etc. I don't understand why this should be a problem or why there should be any controversy over it, when it's against the law to drive unlicensed vehicles in the street or to be under 16 and operate a vehicle without a valid drivers license. Why can't the police issue the parents a ticket? It's not like they don't know who's doing it. But some people here think they're above the law. When their children grow up, they'll think it's okay to break the law, whatever it may be. So citizens, blame your City Hall for being afraid of making someone mad or stepping on toes. That's the reason why these children are riding four-wheelers and golf carts and firecrackers in your bedroom window and loud deafening music. Nobody wants to make nobody mad down there, even though they took an oath to uphold the law. There should be no question as to what should happen, but getting someone to do it is the next thing. I mean, it's not going to happen.

Right person, wrong town

In all my years over 75, I thought I had seen everything that was wrong. Here is a new one. I waited and waited for my Stimulus check from the IRS. Apparently the person who got my 2007 tax forms thought they were from Cape Girardeau. They put my correct street address but Cape Girardeau for the city. Therefore, my check went to Cape Girardeau. After many calls to the IRS, they told me to look at my 2007 tax return and sure enough the city was wrong. Finally, the post office returned the check to the IRS and the address was changed to Sikeston and I finally got my Stimulus check.

Picture a reward

A reward for a Cannon Power Shot digital camera lost somewhere in Sikeston, probably on July 1. The camera is very valuable to me personally. If you find it, please call 471-2665. Thank you and God bless you.

Help with yard

I'd like to hire somebody to pull some grass and old flowers up and do some trimming. If they could call me, maybe they could come over and give me an estimate. My number is 472-1179.

Police commended

I would like to talk to you about a stabbing that was on Wednesday, July 2 and I would like to thank and commend the Sikeston Police Department for all their help, even though it wasn't in their jurisdiction. I still don't understand why the Scott County Sheriff's Department has not made an arrest or attempted to make an arrest or even try to do anything to prevent this person who keeps terrorizing the neighborhood and people in the neighborhood, making threats, death threats included. I would like some answers on this.