Sunday, July 20, 2008

Produce bags

Where you can buy the bags to protect fresh produce as advertised on TV?

Side effects

I'm incensed that someone would have the temerity to accuse the city of spraying mosquito sprays that are toxic and cancer-causing. The caller has nothing to worry about. Everybody knows the spray the city uses is a mite-control agent, similar to the chem-trails that the government is putting out in airplanes. While I feel entirely docile and silent about the things that go on in my town as a result of this mosquito spraying, I think that one of the unfortunate side effects appears that it causes the residents of Sikeston to refuse to pull all the way up in the left-hand turn lane of lighted intersections, such as they never trigger the left turn signal.


I would like to comment about Getting organized and keeping jobs. It is obvious you know very little about business and probably never will because of your mentality. Your destined to stay in your little Union job for the next 30 years and thinking the company has cheated you out of something you don't work for anyway. Businesses make decisions on the profitability of the company and there's not a union in the world that can save anyone's job if the company is not making money. I don't see unions saving the automobile industry jobs. I don't see unions saving the airline industry jobs, the textile industry jobs or any other industry jobs, for that matter. I have belonged to two different unions. The best thing that I ever did was leave both of them.

Five questions

I have five questions. What are they building at Kingshighway and Murray Lane? What's going in the Rodchester's building? Is the Mongolian Grill moving into the old Ryan's building? Are we getting a Popeye's Chicken in Miner? When will the Steak and Shake be ready for business?

1. Lawn mower repair shop. 2. Nothing is planned at this time. 3. Mongolian Grill did purchase the building, moving date is unknown. 4. That's the rumor. 5. They are going to start building in 2009.

Equal opportunity march

Well, I see where the Rev. Jackson has made a derogatory remark about Barack Obama. Maybe now Al Sharpton will tell the Rev. Jackson and march on him about such comments and leave Don Imus alone.

Men's clothing

I wondered if there is any club or organization that has need of men's used clothing all in good condition.

Looking for throat doctor

If anyone has information of a doctor or anyone specializing in the epiglottis and nerves in the throat, I would appreciate it being in SpeakOut. I read SpeakOut everyday, although sometimes they seem to be very picky about what they print. I would appreciate information on this.