Speakout 7-27

Sunday, July 27, 2008

At fault with asphalt

I am a taxpayer of Mississippi County. I do not feel that it is fair that some of the roads in Mississippi County get filler or paving work done every year, like county road 423. My road is part blacktop and part limestone. I can't tell you the last time we had any filler or work done on our road. The farmers with their spray rigs and 18-wheelers run up and down our road above the speed limit all day long. Irrigation is sprayed on it. I feel like if the county is in such bad shape for money and only part of the work is getting done, then get rid of some of your employees. It is unfair for all to pay taxes and only a few get maintenance done.

Tumbling down

Since when in the history of the world has one skyscraper, or any building for that matter, come to the ground as a result of a jet or any plane crashing into it or inducing a fire that caused it to collapse? None, zero, it has never happened. So we are expected to believe that the World Trade Centers fell at almost free-fall speed into their own footprint while ejecting steel and concrete sideways at high speeds and turning the majority of the building into dust. I'm sorry, but the law of physics simply do not allow this to happen. It is a complete contradiction. Let me get this straight - two jets crash into two skyscrapers that were built with steel framing designed to withstand 2000 degree heat for over six hours. Jet fuel burns at approximately 1700 degrees, as well as burns off fairly quickly when raw fuel is ignited. Not only was the steel framing designed to handle that kind of extreme heat, but it was also heavily insulated. Some experts believe that with the insulation wrapping the framing, the steel would not have been heated to more than 500 degrees. Why did WTC-7 collapse? Nothing hit it and there was little or no visible fire; this building was constructed with similar materials as the Twin Towers. This does not make sense. Whatever came of the secondary explosions heard by countless firefighters? This was reported during the Sept. 11 chaos by the mainstream media. Then as quickly as it was reported, it vanished the same day. I'm deeply saddened to admit it, but this entire scene is eerily similar to a controlled demolition. Do no jump to conclusions - simply ask questions. Facts don't lie and the truth will set you free.

Don't comment, just listen

Oh people, when will you learn? No matter what you feel, do not, and I repeat do not, say anything bad about a child to their parent/parents. You can listen to them rave how mean they are or how aggravating they can be, but if you say the very same thing it turns into fighting words. I lost a long-standing friendship because of a comment that I made that the parent had made before to me about her child. It's alright if they say it, but it's 'Katie bar the door!" if it comes out of your mouth. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. So, a word of advice to you - just smile or shrug your shoulders when they are letting off steam and keep your mouth shut!