SpeakOut 8-07

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bring back Blake

Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Blake DeWitt was sent down to the Dodger's triple A minor league team in Las Vegas on Saturday to make room for newly acquired Cleveland Indians third baseman Casey Blake. The Dodgers can only have 25 players on their active roster, and they claim there was not room to keep DeWitt. Though DeWitt's batting average has fallen the past month, let us remember what a consistently outstanding offensive third baseman he has been, along with the fact that he won the title of Rookie of the Month for May 2008, based on his hitting and five home runs made that month. Blake DeWitt has scores of fans, and I am urging each of you to take a moment to send an email to the Dodgers to let them know you want him back. Please know that your email does matter! The more people who write, the more likely DeWitt will return. You may email the Dodgers as often as you like.

Response to tumbling down

I think PBS can be trusted to debunk this conspiracy theorist's notion that something else was going on. Do these people not have access to the Internet? Or, perhaps they do and that's the scary thing - it gives them the crazy idea to reject the good, cited evidence and only share the anarchist, conspiracy-laden tripe you see below. I think you have a great idea, call Jessie Jackson to come to Sikeston. That way your son can tell him how many times he's been arrested, how many times he has had his probation revoked, how many times they have had to go looking for the idiot. How many times has he moved in the past two years? I just bet that Jessie will cut off his B@#%&, just like he wanted to do to Barack Obama. He's one fine person that Rev. Jessie Jackson. While you're at it, call the Rev. Al Sharpton. He can make up a lie that will get this criminal out of jail. He can lie with the best of them. You know maybe this other person your referring to has never been in jail. Maybe he has lived in the same house and held the same job for 20 years. Maybe he is simply not a threat to anyone nor does he have a reason to run because he's innocent. If you had raised your brat right he would not be sitting in jail and you would not have to call the NAACP. But I hope you do. We could use them around here. Maybe they could straighten things up in Scott County. Your baby is getting a free meal and free TV and a bed to sleep in. If you wasn't living in a government owned house maybe you could sell it and bond him out.

Lost camera

Citizens of Sikeston, I am needing your help. On Sunday, July 27, our family enjoyed our visit at the Rotary Park here in Sikeston. However, in all the excitement I left behind my Kodak EasyShare camera. My name and address is on the camera. Keep the camera if you must, but please return the pictures on it. They are irreplaceable memories for us. I am praying that the people of Sikeston are honest, trustworthy people. Even though this world is getting worse, hopefully there are still good, trustworthy people in it. Please do the right thing and return my pictures.