SpeakOut 8-21

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The greatest of all time

We may have witnessed the greatest speakout of all-time on Tues 8/12. The author of National Debt Solution shouldn't be wasting his/her time in SEMO. Their knowledge and expertise would be better served in Washington DC. Okay, okay, enough b.s. I would like to make a few comments regarding your five points. 1. I was not aware that most of the national debt is "interested owed to our richest citizens. High end goods are doing great. They always did." Could you please explain to us unintelligent people the definition of a high end good? I would like to invest in these since they are doing so great. Although I didn't experience it, I sincerely doubt that the wealthy people of our country "didn't even know about the Depression." 2. "I want to be tax fee." Enough said. 3. Let's say we take your advice and nationalize the financial, banking, medical and oil industries. How in the world is this going to lower the national debt? 4. Since when were corporations given the same constitutional rights as people? Oh wait, you're right! Just last week I saw Mr. and Mrs. Wal-Mart voting in the August primaries. 5. So you'd like to get rid of all farm subsidies? Great idea there. I hope you enjoy growing your own food and making your own clothes. That pretty much summarizes what I took from your comment. However, there were several fragmented sentences that I couldn't really piece together so I hope that I didn't miss something important. I'm sure you know what you meant though. "I think our national debt problems would be solved if the above were followed." Thank you for your analysis of all of our country's financial downfalls. We are all now less intelligent for having read it.

No installation fee

I noticed in the Charleston papers that the Rescue Squad is getting lights put up for Air-Vac, which is a great idea. But why pay someone to install them when a lot of their members are police officers and electricians. Wouldn't that save them money since it is a non-profit organization or do they have money? Just a concerned citizen.

They've got eight

Cape and other towns do in fact have Section Eight but I would venture to say that the city of Sikeston has more than these towns combined.

Steered wrong

Great rodeo put on by Sikeston - love the huge crowds! Just a little bit of info - when you report on the calf tie down roping you shouldn't refer to them as steers. Steers they are in fact but they are still calves. The cowboys rope steers in the Steer Roping event that Sikeston doesn't hold at their rodeo. Thanks much for the coverage.

Leaf my yard alone

I have a question about lawn etiquette. When someone mows and trims their lawn, where are the clippings supposed to go? After my neighbor across the street mows, he gets out his blower and blows his crap out into the street and into my yard. His tree is losing some leaves too. He can't stand the leaves messing up his "perfect yard" so again, he blows them my way. I don't want them either. I think it is rude. I blow my clippings back into my yard and clean up around the street too. Before there were blowers, we had rakes and you dealt with your own debris. Am I right?

Amen! This have been a pet peeve of mine for years.

Stuck with it

Wakeup folks, when the wealthy stop buying houses in Clayton Addition for $795, maybe Sikeston can get rid of section 8 housing. But, until the well-to-do quit adding to the Section 8 listings, Sikeston is stuck with it.