SpeakOut 8-26

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

VCR repair

If anyone in this area repairs old VCRs, especially RCA VCRs, would you please put your number in the paper?

Spray it and shush

This is in regard to the person calling about Irritating irrigation. Before you go speaking out about farmers, you need to realize how much revenue they bring into the area. Do you not realize that farmers pay property taxes on hundreds of acres of land each year? And why is it so important that these little brown spots are off your vehicle? There's nobody to impress in East Prairie, and if there is, go spend 50 cents and spray off your car.

Gonna let it slide

I'd like to comment on the first day back to school. I agree 100 percent with the article that Mr. Jensen wrote, Lack of parenting affects education. A fifth grade student on the first day of class said F-you to another student and the teacher's reply was, "I'm going to let that slide cause it's the first day, but it better not happen again." This is not right. If they want to act like that, they should stay home.

Plenty to do

This is for person that said there was no place to go that was in SpeakOut Aug. 14. That same issue, read JoAnn Emerson's article about Missouri's outdoors. There's plenty of stuff to do. If you want to travel a little bit, go to the national historical place, it's on the registry, George Racetrack at Perryville, Ark. It's not that far on the other side of Kennett or Cardwell. It's been in operation for more years than any other dragstrip in the United States. But, there's all kinds of things to do.

- - -

For no place to go, my suggestion is maybe a skating rink, a belly dancing pub or a strip bar. This would really help this town grow.

Exciting campaigners

I just wanted to speakout and thank Terry Adams and Anthony Young for making this year's New Madrid County election really exciting. Each day leading up to Aug. 5, they held their heads high through the entire campaign.

Is the doctor in

Mike, I went to the doctor the other day. I wanted to see the doctor and all I did was wind up seeing the nurse practitioner. What in the world is it coming to these days? When I've got questions, I want to see the doctor and nobody else.

Credit for power

In regards to the SpeakOut Go green. We need to get our representative Ellen Brandom to give us a state tax credit for solar power. You can get a system and it costs roughly $3,499 from the Internet on powersavetv.com. They have systems that they can install. You get a $2,000 tax credit here in Missouri. You don't get any state tax credit, where Louisiana gets $2,800 tax credit, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana and a bunch more give you money for tax credit when you buy the system. The state utility rebate in Missouri will give you $500 on that, which other states give a lot more. Massachusetts, for instance, gives $3,000. If you get on the website above you can find out how to go about getting solar power. We need our representatives to help us go green and get more tax credits. Missouri needs a tax credit. A lot of these different states, there systems are free, such as Minnesota, Montana, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Oregon. And we need to go green. The only way we're going to get to do it is if the government subsidizes it.