SpeakOut 9-09

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Address unknown

I too would be interested in knowing why the addresses of the legals that are printed in the paper that are going on sale at the court houses are not printed in the paper. Is this a legal issue that we are not entitled to for public knowledge? This has been in SpeakOut once before. Hopefully, someone can give us an answer.

Legal descriptions are put in in place of the address as received from the attorney's office. Call the attorney listed at the bottom of the legal for the address.

Pucker up

Did you see the lewd presidential speech that Joe Biden gave on Thursday night? After the speech, Obama showed up unexpected And wow, did he ever give Joe Biden's wife a kiss! Not only once - he kissed her on the stage and as he walked by her, he kissed her again. And he's not even in the White House yet. Do we need eight more years of Bill Clinton again? Obama seems to be made of the same fiber. If a Republican did that, it would be all over CBS. What do you think about that?

Your view, my view

Mike, I guess you've slipped on the ocean floor and gone into the deepest abyss possible. Your editorial on Senator Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama would be the most despicable worse column I've ever seen written by you. Where's all this hatred coming from? Come on, Mike, let's be proactive about our town. We all know that you are a Republican and you don't like these people, but please, let's leave your hatred spew out of the newspaper. If you want to talk about Barack Obama, have some facts. Don't use the Republican tag lines and the innuendoes. And oh, by the way, tell me, how long has it been since you've been a regular church goer? Although, I guess that might be different than an Atheist. But come on. If you think John McCain is like most Missourians, I have to disagree. Gee whiz, John McCain doesn't even know how many houses he owns. He's totally lost. Someone that has 7, 8, 9, 10 houses when most people are just trying to scrape by and make their house payment? He's not like us. He's some crotchety old man that has different things and has different opinions all the time. Anyway, that's my opinion today, Mike. Good day.

Still blowing

This is the people on the east side of town again. There are people over here blowing their leaves and trash and it looks terrible. It's a riding lawn mower and they blow it out in the middle of the streets. It is a shame that people do this. Until the city has enough guts to pass an ordinance to where people can't blow their trash out in the streets and that it's against the law, if they don't do something about it, they are going to have the whole darn town looking like a trash dump.

Message from beyond

I channeled Jerry Falwell last night, and he told me that God sent Hurricane Gustav to ruin the Republican convention and to punish them for their sins of overspending, incompetence and war mongering.