Speakout 9-14

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Are there any consignment shops in Sikeston?

Lil's Peddler Shoppe, 104 E. Front and Judy's Buy Rite, 2109 E. Malone.

Black and white

I want to know how everyone can say we are going to have a first time African-American for president with Obama when actually his mother is white and his father is black. I don't understand how they can say he is an African-American.

Trade you bills

To the Morehouse resident that got her water bill and it was $75. You failed to say that that is the trash, the sewer and everything on your bill. Try Canalou - the water bills run about $100 and that's just for the water.

McCain first, country second

John McCain says he always puts his country first, but he can't say that now. After only one face-to-face meeting and a couple of phone calls, he chose his vice president. She was a two-term mayor of a small town, population 8,000, and has less than two years experience as governor of a state with fewer people than the population of Indianapolis. With McCain's age of 72 and health history of cancer, Gov. Palin may well have to take over for him. With no foreign policy experience at all, do you feel comfortable putting our country's future in her hands? I don't. At least Obama has four years experience on the Foreign Relations Committee and his vice president, Joe Biden, could take over without missing a beat. That is the true test for a real vice president. John McCain's choice has put himself first, not the country.


So Mike, in your thinly veiled putdown of Sen. Obama last week, you say that John McCain's values are closer to yours than Barack Obama's. Let's examine his or you all's values. He picks a nominee who nobody knows outside Alaska, and who he had met only once previously six months ago, yet touts her as the greatest thing since Reagan. His (and your) values take a hit on patriotism because prior to becoming governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin served two years on a committee that worked for Alaska to secede from the union. There goes his argument questioning Sen. Obama's patriotism - he's never done that. Then, Palin announces, reluctantly due to media pressure, that her daughter, 17 years old and unwed, is five months pregnant. We also find that Gov. Palin is presently under investigation for using her influence to have her sister's ex-husband, a state trooper, fired after their divorce. The Public Safety Commissioner who refused to fire her ex-brother-in-law, was later fired and has claimed that Gov. Palin was responsible. Of course, being strong on "values" like yours and McCain's, she denies it. Looks like you, Sarah Palin and McCain and your brand of "values" are going down the tube, and rightly so. We can stand just so much of these right wing values, or should I say double standards? After this fiasco, Obama's "values" will be a breath of fresh air!