SpeakOut 9/15

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rules were followed

In response to the Safety first speakout about the Portageville student. The caller said that the student had a weapon and alcohol in the vehicle which was not true. The student did NOT have a weapon in his/her possession. The student was disciplined the same as any student would be if they were to have alcohol in their possession.

Home made

Habitat for Humanity is a private, Christian organization dedicated to providing deserving, hardworking families a way to pay for and own their own home. A basic Habitat home costs approximately $64,000 to build and may appraise for much more. Our first home in Sikeston was built with donations of cash, materials and volunteer labor and is now being purchased by a wonderful family in a nice neighborhood.

- - -

"Teach a man to fish and he eats for life." Habitat for Humanity couldn't agree more! We don't give houses away. Habitat families work alongside volunteers on their own home and other Habitat homes, putting in a minimum of 350 "sweat equity" hours. Habitat families make a down payment on their home, and with the guidance of Habitat, learn to manage their mortgage and deal with the issues of home ownership so they can become independent,responsible homeowners.

Times - they are a changing

Sen. Obama has been trying to show you how the difficulties facing America have been the result of failed Republican policies. He has offered solutions by which we can change these problems.This isn't politics as usual, Mike - it's called being a LEADER! Anybody knows that a leader first has to inspire folk and give them hope that they can do something to affect change. One of the best things about Mr. Obama is that his policies and positions dealing with America's woes are based on common sense - something that has been severely lacking these past nearly eight years. Sen. Obama needs to "show me" - that's what you said. I say show you what - that he is able to talk in full sentences, unlike the present "experienced" occupant of the White House. Show you that he will engage in forceful and full international diplomacy, thus heading off situations like the present fiasco between the USSR and Georgia, where we were caught with our diplomatic pants down, unprepared to do anything. Perhaps he has already shown you (although you would never admit it) that he is far more intelligent than his Republican counterpart and doesn't have to use the tired old "Ma Friends" in every sentence that he utters. Or that he is far more capable in making wise decisions, and if elected, Joe Biden would not be pulling his strings, as Chaney does GW's. That he is smart enough to put together a fantastically brilliant campaign team that has operated flawlessly. Would he do any less with his Cabinet appointees? He showed you in his nomination acceptance speech that he shares an opinion you put forth in an editorial not long ago. That the government couldn't solve our problems - we were going to have to take some personal responsibility - he was referring to parental responsibility toward our children and personal responsibility in preventing unwanted pregnancies as a way to curb abortions. Might as well get on board Mike. "The times they are a changing," and for the better. Swallow hard - you'll be alright.

Looking for decals

I was just hoping that someone could give me information on how to get the vehicle decal stickers that say Pray for Alexis. She is a family member and I've been unable to find them on the Internet. I've been unable to contact the family right now because they are with Alexis. If you can, please put in the paper how I can get one of these Pray for Alexis stickers for my car.