Speakout 9-21

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Great voice, great son

Having grown up in the Sikeston area and now living in Wisconsin, I am so proud of the people who helped Neal Boyd attain such great character. Not only does he have a wonderful God given voice, but a person who will honor their mother like that is a great character. Also it is so nice of the people of Sikeston to pool their resources so that his mother could attend the talent show. That shows the great heart of the south.

Active and healthy

I am a 45-year-old woman, pretty active, pretty healthy and I want to stay that way. I was hoping that there was someone, male or female, that would put together a volleyball team, softball team, basketball team for 40 to 45-year-old middle-aged women and have a league of some sort. If there is anyone interested in putting together something like that, I am surely interested. I know several other women my age that are interested. Plus, it would give us something to do, keep us active, healthy and that sort of thing. Would someone please respond in SpeakOut that would be interested in coaching, managing or something like that?

Turn it on

Someone needs to turn the traffic light for the school on on Salcedo Road. School is back in session and this light has not been on since school has taken up. Just need to look out for our kids!

First in eight

Whoever wins this election, whether it be John McCain or Barack Obama, will be the first elected president we have had in eight years.

Sex denial

Mike, let me shake up the conversation about whether a solution exists that will end poverty. Let's try something that's never been done before. A good start would be to get the Catholics, the abstinence-only crowd, and the old biddies out of the discussion and instead, provide easy access to contraception for the poor, and educate them on how to use it properly. A young woman who gives birth to a child out of wedlock is doomed to a lifetime of struggle for herself and her child. Stop telling poor women that these babies are miracles and gifts from God. All those who advocate "just say no" to sex are in complete denial of our natural drive to have it. My question to them would be: How's that been working?

Avoiding the issues

Why can't I ask Sarah Palin a question without being accused of being a sexist? Her campaign is using phony outrage in an attempt to distract voters from the real issues and to avoid questions they don't want to answer. This is a favorite tactic of cheating husbands and errant teenagers. It makes Sarah look like a whining victim.