Letter to the Editor

Your View: Baggy pants

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I understand that Sikeston is now trying to pass an ordinance against sagging, baggy pants. Is this a joke or are they serious? So we are imposing a forced compliance dress code now? I guess if I wanted to I could walk down the street in nothing but a Speedo all day long legally with no problem; however, I would get a citation for baggy pants if I were to wear them sagging.

There is a little comic relief for you; although, with a serious edge. Wow, this is getting completely out of hand. Just because you do not agree with someone's personal decision regarding their attire should Sikeston create an ordinance telling them how to dress?

In my opinion, a definite no comes to mind. What is next? --- An ordinance stating that you can't wear sunglasses at certain times of the day, have certain hair styles, and wear certain color clothes, shoes, or hats by chance. Who knows? What do we not have an ordinance against? If you dislike baggy pants it's very simple: don't wear them baggy. If you don't like someone else wearing baggy pants: why is it any of your business? It's obviously not. Are the Sikeston officials becoming racists or something? I do not understand this.

We, as citizens of Sikeston of all cultures and races should be able to wear whatever we personally deem appropriate as long as we aren't naked or violating the Missouri indecent exposure statutes. We do have rights you know. Or do we? Think about it.

As for myself I hate seeing people's boxers and do not care for baggy pants; however, if you still care about your personal rights and liberties in this town then I urge you to protest this absurdity. It would be very, very interesting to see how this issue would hold up in the court systems. Have a great day.

C. M. McClellan