Speakout 9-28

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not popular

Mike, you always do a great job telling one side of the story. Your statement about Blunt being popular is just a way for you to manipulate your readers into thinking that he is doing a good job. If you want to be factual in your reporting you should leave these phrases out. He is the most unpopular governor in our state's history. His approval ratings are at the bottom of the list compared to the other 49 governors. He has actually been ranked 50th for most of this year. It wasn't until he decided not to run that his numbers improved. There are many Web sites that you can go to for these facts. Being the 50th most unpopular governor in the nation does not make me think of the word popular! Report the facts. Don't create them!

Army of demon Democrats

Was Jesus really a community organizer? In regards to Democrats proudly comparing Barrack Obama to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ was called by his followers, Rabboni, or Rabbi, NOT, community organizer. Bible dictionaries translate 'rabbi' to mean 'teacher.' I fail to see the similarity of 'community organizer' and 'Jesus the true God-Man, the greatest teacher' of man. And, but, then again maybe I could be wrong, I mean. Perhaps that would explain the raising of dead voters in Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. What's next Democrats? Maybe we'll soon see an ad like, "You won't need to worry about health care if you'll just vote for our 'Jesus-like' new age messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama! All you'll have to do is touch the hem of his garment, and ye shall be made well." Satan was the first community organizer in the Garden of Eden, and being a murderer, and the father of lies he has been uplicating that pattern of lying and deception as he continues to organize mankind in rebellion against God. And yes, I actually do see a similarity between the party of the 'community organizers' and 'Satan.' Today, Satan's warriors in the A.C.L.U., "Separation of Church and State, the Gay and Lesbian movement, Abortion proponents, working 24/7 to rip God out of the fabric of American society and championed by George Sorros, Saul Alinsky, Barrack Hussein Obama and the current leadership of the Democrat party have organized a great army of demons under the Democrat tent. For the unbiased observer, Satan's methods of deception, truthfully, can be seen in politics of every stripe and party. But, in none as blatantly practiced and revered as in the Democrat Party today.

Upholding rule and pants

If a school makes a rule they need to be man enough to enforce it. The kids at Charleston walk around sagging and holding themselves all the time and school officials don't say nothing. Makes you wonder who's running our school system.

History in the making

This is for the speaker who was wanting to know about Obama's picture going on food stamps. If it does, hopefully you will hold on to it because it will be history. Ha, ha!