SpeakOut 9-30

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bedrooms and boardrooms

The only thing that the Bush Administration was ever interested in regulating was our sexual behavior and reproductive choices. They didn't want to regulate the financial institutions and Wall Street, and look what it cost us, one trillion dollars. Republicans need to get out of our bedrooms and into the boardrooms.

Mercy, me

I've seen the American health care system left to the mercy of market forces and watched costs rise, health decline and millions forced into bankruptcy. I'm mystified that anyone can keep a straight face when he claims that the marketplace can solve these problems when what we need is the political will to create a new, uniquely American system that will spare people from needless suffering and anguish when they are most vulnerable.

Absolutely amazed

Your SpeakOut editorial absolutely disgusts me. You will not print anything regarding four individuals that almost beat somebody completely to death in the Charleston area and walked away without a single charge against any of them. You won't talk about that at all, but you go ahead and put something in as disgusting as Barack Obama on food stamps. That is absolutely amazing and speaks of just how far right you are.

Less of McCanless

In the Thursday, Sept. 18 Standard Democrat there was a letter from Pastor Tom McCanless who claims that the mainstream media is "brazenly and openly supporting the anti-Christian Liberal view." However, Pastor Tom McCanless does not provide a single example of the mainstream media "brazenly and openly supporting the anti-Christian Liberal view." So, I think I can fairly well dismiss what Pastor Tom McCanless said. He can talk of the game, but he can't walk his talk.

- - -

So Mr. McCanless thinks we should not listen to any news outlets, except the one that dishes out Republican propaganda? He honestly thinks it's not important the public finds out that Sarah Palin lied about her support for the bridge to nowhere? That Sarah Palin hid the fact that she left the town of Wasilla, Alaska, $20 million in debt? That Sarah Palin lied about having been in Iraq before? That Sarah and Todd are trying to hide what they know in the trooper investigation, after they told the public they would answer all questions? The dictator Tom McCanless refers to as chief of power to control the media is the perfect description of Rupert Murdock, who owns Fox news. The other outlets, ABC, CBS and NBC are corporate news outlets. Are you being dishonest Mr. McCanless or are you just ignorant to the fact that the Republicans, not the Democrats and Barack Obama, but the Republicans just instituted the largest Socialist program we've ever seen to bail out the financial and insurance industry with a corporate welfare package worth over a trillion dollars on top of a $500 billion deficit from the Bush years. If you're really a man of God Mr. McCanless, use the brain he gave you and change the channel every once in awhile.

- - -

Someone recently sent me a copy of Pastor Tom McCanless' rant about the alleged lack of objectivity in what he called the mainstream media. After deconstructing Pastor McCanless' diatribe by consulting the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, I have concluded that Pastor Tom McCanless suffers from so many afflictions, he may be the worst mentally challenged person ever to submit a letter to the Sikeston Standard Democrat. And folks, that's saying a lot.

- - -

I don't know Tom McCanless, who wrote Thursday's letter to the editor. But I do know that he shouldn't be trying to pass himself off as a pastor. People who dedicate their life to the Lord's work, don't fuel such animosity and hatred. If this were my pastor, I'd change churches.


I have two brothers that are plumbers and carpenters. How many of you have seen their crack when they are working or bent over? Some kids clothes may not fit well because that is all they have. And what about all these men who have a large belly? Their pants fit under their bellies. I feel like we are on our kids enough without telling them what to wear. I would rather see them in loose, rather than skin-tight pants. Come on Sikeston, let's worry about something else.

Back to where it was

Return-2-Sunset, I would just like to comment on that statement made. Whoever you are, instead of giving up on the Return-2-Sunset, since you were one of the originals, you should come to the meetings. They will be posted in the newspaper. And also, you should come to the meetings and express your opinion so we can get the Return-2-Sunset back to where it was. Thank you, have a good day and God bless you. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

Dishing up the dirt

I'm very disgusted with the dirty lies and schemes against Gov. Palin. It's so obvious that the Democrats are so jealous that she isn't theirs. They have yet to come up with anything disgraceful about her. It's pretty low to break in to private e-mails and sending a plane load of people to Alaska to try and dig up dirt. What a laugh! The truth is she has more smarts in her little finger than Obama ever thought of. They say she has no experience - she has worked all her life. Being a mayor, and now a governor, sounds like experience to me. What has Obama done? An organizer of what? You think he'd bring change? You better believe he'd bring change - and not for the better. Him and old lady Clinton said the first thing they'd do is raise taxes. No experience at all in a do-nothing Senate for four years. Sure don't need a Muslim in office with a wife condemning whiteys. This is the dirtiest campaign I've ever seen. Heaven forbid if the Democrats get in.

Payment due

I've heard that we were supposed to get a second stimulus payment in November. Is this true or not?


Butt out

I'd like to speakout about these guys wearing their pants so cock-eyed baggy. I've seen underwear, dirty underwear and butts. I think it's disgraceful. These guys may think their tails shining is cute, but I don't. You just want to scream, "Pull your pants up where they belong!" This is America and we're a free country, but who in their right mind wants everyone seeing their hind end? If us women wore our pants hanging off our butts, they'd be wanting to have us arrested.

Well deserved check

Though I can offer no rationale for it, I have come to believe that I will receive and do deserve another government economic stimulus check.

Hail Michael

Mike Jensen has endorsed the idea of spending $500,000 to seize property in Sikeston. In my opinion, that will be only the first step. The next will be a forced removal of the property owners to Morehouse, a modern day gulag archipelago. The leader of this Hitlerian maneuver might be Michael Jensen, one whom future historians might judge as the 21st century's first Pol Pot. We have witnessed the triumph of Marxian socialism under Republican rule. Who would have thought? Mike Jensen---a closet Stalinist.