Speakout 10-5

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where the heart is

I grew up in Sikeston and Sikeston is where my heart is. It is exciting to watch Neal Boyd and I wish him all the best. I enjoy keeping up with what is going on in Sikeston and get the headlines e-mailed to me. I really have a hard time at rodeo time because I have so many memories there. Sikeston truly is a great place and really beautiful place to grow up. I would like to say hello to my father Charlie McGill, I know he reads SpeakOut and will freak if you print this. I love you Dad. Take care Sikeston.

Online reader

I approve of getting the paper on my computer but make it better - by including your editorial column Mike.

Don't talk black

I work at an agency where people call in and ask for assistance and I always do my best to help out and give any information I can so that people can receive the best help possible, as soon as possible. Well today I got a call from someone needing help with her light bill and while I was looking to find out where I could refer her I hear here say in the background "Maybe if I buy a afro wig and paint my face black then I could get some help." I guess little did she know the person she was talking to was "black." I referred her to who she could speak to they way I am supposed to do; but I wanted to let this person know in this day and age (with the economy going downhill and the government constantly cutting funds for programs that assist people in need) ALL people need help. Not just black people. I see elderly, white, black, hispanic, disabled people and any combination of the prior list. Yes I realize you are in a pickle and you may have never needed any help before. But before you go to making remarks like that you may want to make sure your phone is properly muted or hung up. Better yet don't make the remark at all. The funny aspect of this is I guess my "phone voice" is just that good.


How dare the chief of staff for Missouri Governor Blunt accuse Mike Jensen of making mistakes. Jensen was, is and will remain inerrant and infallible.

Pack up and leave

Now President Bush wants to buy up all of the troubled assets of banks and other financial institutions. In most cases, it was the greed of these corporations that put our nation's economy in the bind we're in today. Due to their profit by any means, policies and crooked executives, the American taxpayer is going to be expected to carry this $700 billion bailout. Regardless of who is elected in November, I for one cannot wait for the current administration to pack up their bags and leave the White House.

Easier said than done

SpeakOut reminds me of the old saw, that after all is said and done, much more is said than done.