SpeakOut 10-09

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Why is it that you don't print ALL comments submitted to SpeakOut? I recently (and for the first time) submitted a comment to SpeakOut and it has never been printed! And don't tell me that it was too long - I've read dissertations within the confines of SpeakOut that went on for days! There was nothing within my comment that slammed anyone or anything, nor did it mention any business names. You should change the name of this column to Selected Comments From The Sikeston Area (S.C.F.T.S.A.) instead of SpeakOut.

McCanless packs a wallop

Since his letter was so off-putting and such an insult, Pastor McCanless must be using reverse psychology to drum up support for Barack Obama for whom he is surely a closet supporter. His letter may cost McCain the state of Missouri and the presidency.

What a thrill

As unofficial spokesperson for the Barack Obama presidential campaign, I would like to thank the organizers of the Cotton Carnival parade for helping us with our successful effort to participate. In addition, the campaign would like to thank all of those who viewed the parade for their strong support and encouragement. It was a thrill, a privilege and a whole lot of fun.

Replacement suggestion

I suggest replacing the woefully incompetent Sarah Palin with a sage on a par with Socrates; Sikeston media mogul, Mr. Michael Jensen.

Twirl girl

A few months ago I read an article about a baton class being offered near Sikeston. What is the name and do they have a Web site?

Twirl Fabulous. There is no Web site but the numbers are 471-1075 and 620-0513.

One heck of a dress

Dear Mike, I love the way you printed my SpeakOut article on Cindy McCain's outfit that she wore to the Republican National Convention. An outfit that cost $313,000! Maybe that's not bad to you, maybe it wasn't worth printing. But you know people and a lot of people like me will never in our lifetime see $313,000, let alone be able to wear $313,000 on our backs for just one night. If you don't want to print it, no problem, I understand. You're a Republican, you've got the money. We're just poor people about to lose our home. Yep, we're about to lose our home. But we'll make it somehow, the Lord willing, we'll make it.

It's election time

I want to answer the person's SpeakOut that said Democrats were murderers. All I can say is that you vote Republican if you want homosexuals in there. Vote Republican if you're rich and want to rip off the poor. Vote Republican if you're not a Christian because Republicans are not Christians. Republicans are nothing but liars, hypocrites and for gays. I'd like for you to print this Mike since you are so prejudiced against the Democrats, the black people and the white trash people. Print the truth for once and for all. I will not vote for somebody for president who has signed a confession that said it was all the United States' fault and that was exactly what John McCain did. Plus he had numerous affairs on his first wife. You don't believe me - look it up. He married his wife because he was rich. That's what y'all said about John Kerry didn't ya?

- - -

I agree with the woman about the churches where the preachers are trying to cram it down your throat to vote Republican all the time. We're not there to go to church and have politics too. If you want politics, do it outside the church not inside the church. You force a lot of people to quit and leave your church. If you don't understand why people aren't coming back and people are leaving, just stop preaching politics. I didn't know is was against the law if you're a Democrat. Every time I go to church it's crammed down my throat - pro life, pro life. Bush was for pro life. Bush was against gays. Cheney was against gays and pro life. Cheney has a lesbian daughter that had a child out of wedlock and don't even know who the father is, or she just went out and got her a stud and got pregnant. You call that being a Christian? They all say they are for pro life but they're not. When I go to church I want to hear about Christ and the Bible, not politics. This politics in church is getting out of hand.

Naming names

I called in to SpeakOut and have not seen it in the paper. I'm just assuming you all are backed up. I called in and noticed that the recording said that you would not print people's names or businesses or profanity. Yet I just read an article in there concerning Brother Tom McCanless which over and over uses his name. I don't understand the double standard there. We were told not to use names so why is the person that wrote this article allowed to get by with it? I personally find that confusing. Should we use names or not use names? Brother McCanless is a wonderful person and does not deserve to be written about that way, certainly not to use his name that way. God will judge them for that.