150th celebration activities

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SIKESTON -- Although it's more than a year away, organizers of Sikeston's Sesquicentennial Celebration are in the final stages of setting up events for the 2010 yearlong celebration.

"I know it seems far away, but really it's not," said Missy Marshall, executive director of the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce, which is spearheading the event, along with the city of Sikeston. "We need your dates by Nov. 15, because we are working on promotions materials for the Chamber, for the city and for the CVB."

Wednesday morning, she and other organizers met with community leaders and other individuals for a community calendar meeting, to set up events for the yearlong celebration. The logo for the event was also shared and discussed.

What's unique about the logo is that it can be -- and is encouraged to be -- customized to fit a specific organization or business. A circle with the "S" for Sikeston in the middle, the outside border includes the phrases 150 years and Sikeston, and denotes the dates 1860 and 2010.

"The logo is certainly open for anybody who wants to use it, but I would suggest making it a little more personal to that organization," agreed Doug Friend, Sikeston's city manager. That can be done by inserting something more descriptive in place of the center design.

"If you're having a celebration, you might put fireworks in the center, or if it's a rodeo event, you might put a bronc rider in the center," said Marshall. For instance, Sikeston R-6 has chosen to put a Bulldog in the middle of the logo -- of which one use will be a uniform patch.

Those with employees in uniform may use it and insert their own business's logo in the center, she said. The design can be e-mailed to those who are interested, said Marshall.

For other promotional materials, plans are under way to have coins imprinted with the logo. Mug and T-shirt designs have also been selected and bids are being sought from local vendors.

Marshall said any other organizations that want to have special T-shirts or items printed can contact the Chamber for more information to get in touch with the vendors.

When it comes to the calendar, Marshall said it is for anything that is going on -- new events, as well as annual ones. And even if events are still in the works, Marshall suggested organizers make them aware of tentative dates.

"Let's go ahead and get it up there," she said. Marshall said some groups have called the SACC offices to inquire about certain events, as they want to schedule reunions around them.

That's just to avoid overlapping too many events. "But it is conceivable there could be a half dozen events going on in the course or two or three days," noted Friend.

A Web page devoted to the sesquicentennial will be set up on the SACC Web site, www.sikeston.net.

"It will include event information, in addition to other information, such as history about the community," said Marshall. "It will be, I think, a useful page for individuals and businesses to use as we head into this 2010 celebration."

Pam Tibbs, administrative assistant at the SACC, will be in charge of the site. She'll also be a resource for organizations who want electronic copies of logos and other materials.

While things are winding down for the calendar, the work is still in the early stages, or has yet to begin in other areas.

Anyone interested in helping plan for Sikeston's Sesquicentennial is urged to contact the SACC at 471-2498, or call Linda Lowes, director of governmental services for the city of Sikeston, at 471-2516.

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