Letter to the Editor

Your View: Obama support

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Editor Jensen:

I have comments regarding your editorial on Oct. 12, 2008. If indeed that you feel there are "no real choices" in our upcoming election, I have the perfect solution for you. Just don't vote! Don't compromise your high standards and strong moral fiber by settling for your party's aged warrior, John McCain and Hockey Mom Sarah Palin. They will never know and you can feel good about skipping this round.

Should I presume that you have been happy with George W. Bush's regime? If you take pride in your conservative leanings then I guess you enjoy spending trillions of dollars propping up Iraq, filling your gas tank with $4 a gallon gas and watching your retirement funds drop off the face of the earth while our lamer than lame-duck president says, "We can be confident in our economic future." If not, thus another solid reason not to vote. (Unless, you want more of the same).

Do you REALLY view Sarah Palin as the only shining start on the campaign trail? If so, you better take a BIG flashlight or it is going to be mighty dark out there. Her lack of intellect and her limited worldly views are terrifying at best. The thought of her in the oval office sends "shivers down my body."

As far as your reference to Obama's Kool-Aid, I'll take it over McCain's lukewarm tap water anytime. And, being a middle-class American earning less annually than $250,000 must place me in the category of the "unproductive" segment of our nation's population. However, I've read extensively about both presidential candidates and fee strongly that I know enough to make a well-educated decision.

I look forward to voting for the Obama-Biden ticket on Nov. 4th. And Mike, I won't tell a soul that you decided not to vote.


Leslie (Lair) Hannig