SpeakOut 10-21

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lesson well learned

I'm calling in regards to the article that was printed in Oct. 8, Serious calls only about retailers calling DPS for help with shoplifters and if they are not going to prosecute them to quit calling DPS and wasting tax money. I was in an incident a few weeks ago with a similar situation with a child. I had my little girl with me and we went to the store. The little girl had gone into the store and she had stolen something. I was the adult there, but I wasn't aware of it. I'm calling because it's kind of degrading because most of the ones that are caught shoplifting are children. And to put something in the paper about prosecuting children? Would you want your child prosecuted? I think the lady that helped me said she was young, gave her back to me and now she's not allowed in the store. I think that was one of the best things they ever done. That taught that girl a lesson. She was only 12-years old.

Where's she been

Mike, would you find out where Mary Ann Maloney has been and what's she been doing? She hasn't been on TV for quite awhile, but she was back on there on Oct. 9. Where has she been?

KFVS-TV's telephone number is 335-1212 or 1-800-455-KFVS.

Off course

Like so many other fat cats who see that they might have to soon pony up and pay their fair share, one time straight shooting Mike Jensen has veered sharply off course by using the scare tactic of socialism to try to frighten voters. By definition, socialism means that the government owns and operates all of the major businesses, industries and corporations. That's not going to happen. Jensen knows this but realizes that the previously used scare tactics revolving around guns, gays and abortion will no longer fly. Like FDR, the next president will, instead of attempting to implement socialism, save capitalism from its own ugly excesses.

American as apple pie

Come off it, Mike. As one time chairman of Archer Daniels Midland Company, DeWayne Andreas said, "Socialism is as American as apple pie." What went wrong with this country was not an excess of government regulation but an excess of government deregulation, leading to big bank, Wall Street and corporate greed at a level unparalleled in U.S. history. The folks on Main Street now realize this and correctly want government to get more involved in seeing to it that the free market functions properly and does not succumb to excesses like the corrupt CEO severance packages which you yourself have so soundly denounced.

Same people don't change

Although I won't declare myself a Republican, I generally vote that way. I have voted for JoAnn Emerson many times but I will not again. Congresswoman Emerson recently voted for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 aka "The Bailout." While it may have been necessary to pass the $700 billion package, it was not necessary for our incompetent, "do-nothing" Congress to add another $150 billion of earmarks and add-ons to the Bill. Had our Congresswoman been looking out for our interests, she would have stood up, demanded those items be removed from the Bill and withheld her vote until it was done. My cry is "Anti-incumbency"! Get a clue America. Do you honestly expect to get "change" by sending the same people to Washington over and over?

A little slice of home

Hello all. I just wanted to write in and say thanks to the Standard Democrat for their online website. I'm in the military and have been away from Sikeston for five years in December. I only get to see my family once or twice a year and it's often hard to be apart for such long periods of time. Homesickness definitely isn't uncommon with my line of work or myself - and what I'm trying to say is it's always nice to know that I can go online to catch up on some hometown news, it always makes me feel a little better. I really enjoy reading about the Sikeston Public Library and the awesome children's programs that they have there. I believe that they are doing great things and deserve every ounce of support that they are receiving. Thanks again for everything.


With the Bush administration now pushing for a socialist style investment in some of America's big banks and John McCain proposing a taxpayer bailout for all bad home mortgages, one can say without hesitation that Reaganism is dead.

They walk among us

Mike, Observations are correct, but what scares the bejesus out of me - the idea that not only will we be getting Nobama, but giving 60 seats or more in the senate to the Dems and a large House majority. We won't have any seat belts to hang on to! We probably won't have anything left to hang on to! Kiss our healthcare system goodbye, because we won't be able to get in to see what few docs we'll have left after he nationalizes care, and we'll be so poor from paying 70 percent taxes to pay for it all we can't afford to be sick in the first place. His plan is socialism plain and simple, ask a European how it works for them. Home ownership will become either mandatory with taxpayers footing the bill or nonexistent because no one will be able to afford a home, hard to afford the luxury of a roof over your head, if you are jobless, swimming in tax bills and spending what you have left on trying to feed yourself. Oh pardon me, I forgot, we will all get food stamps. Ask the North Koreans how government doled out food is working for them. We need to be more than worried about this election, we need to be scared to death! Oh I forgot to mention, we can plan on turning into the most terrorized country in the world, we will experience what Israel has for years. Our enemies will walk among us with no impunity what so ever. So to the American people, if you can live with mounting debt for your children and grandchildren, infrastructure collapsing, high taxes, hoarding, terrorism at your door, and the ruin of this great nation, you go right ahead on Nov. 4th and vote Nobama.

If I had a hammer

Hi Mike. You hit the nail on the head. It will be interesting to watch the election results as the American people finally make up their collective minds. C.F. Cline

Super hopping

I have been going to Cream Castle for a long time. My family and I order about the same thing every time we go. And every time the young man that is the car hop is always very friendly, fast service, and knows exactly who we are and are regular order. I do not know his name, but I would like to say that he is such a good worker and he deserves a raise for the great customer service!

Calm and reason

One wonders if Mike Jensen is happy with elements of the McCain campaign taking off the gloves (as Jensen suggested) and creating the angry, wild eyed and wrong belief that Barack Obama (likely the next president of the U.S.) is an Arab terrorist? Surely not, Mike. Say it ain't so, like McCain is now forced to be doing even though his campaign created this monster. Please bring some calm and reason to the situation, Mike, as only you can do.

Obama started it

I'm just wondering if the Obama Democrats think it's okay when thousands of illegal votes have already been found and the ones behind registering numerous times and cheating over and over are people from the ACORN division. It's the bunch started by Obama, would you believe? Even you all are smart enough to know it's wrong. Since when can someone like him run for president and not be able to or refuse to come up with a birth certificate? That should not be a problem, but he can't seem to produce one. Why? Also, where do you get that Republicans are rich? What a laugh! We're working, average people that earn it, but by the way, are not like a lot of you and pay taxes. Seems like you'd better look at rich people like the Kennedy's and so forth. Also a lot of rich Democrats like Obama taking millions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then a bunch of big executives go on party time for billions of dollars on our tax money. It's pathetic! We do not need him in office, he's too crooked.

Home for the winter

Someone put in the paper when they should quit feeding the hummingbirds, when they were going to leave. I don't think they're going to leave. I think they're going to stay with us all winter. I think I'm going to fix a place in the house where they can come in and spend the whole winter with me. Keep feeding them.

Downtown attraction

Well, we thought that revitalizing downtown would be nice. I feel that will not necessarily attract shoppers. Downtown Sikeston was once a hopping place when there were stores like J.C. Penney, Sterlings Five and Dime and Ben Franklin, just to name a few.